Long Beach Cinema Update

What is going on with the movie theater? About two weeks ago I emailed the property owners Philips International and asked that very question. I never heard back. Today, after hearing an untrue rumor about Hooters (FYI: I am not the Anthony posting in that article) taking the spot, I decided to give Philips a call. I got to speak with one of the secretaries, who told me “it will open eventually,” but then quickly backtracked and said she really didn’t know. She said nobody currently there knew either, but hopes it reopens. I got the message out that we miss our theater and hope that it comes back.

Last November, Newsday ran an article saying that the theater was indeed going to reopen:

“We will definitely reopen,” said Seth Pilevsky, managing director of Philips International, the Manhattan-based real estate company that purchased the movie house around 2000.

“We’re working with our insurance company,” he said. “I cannot tell you the timing of the opening, because I don’t know yet. But we intend to reopen.” (Source – Newsday: Flooded Long Beach Cinemas to reopen)

Is insurance still holding it up? That seems to be the most logical explanation, but it’s just a guess. If you look inside the theater today, you will see how the lower four feet of sheet rock was removed, it’s hard to see what other damage the theater sustained. I will definitely post any additional information I get.


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  1. I hope it reopens soon. As a mom of 3, I really miss it. It gives the teenagers a close movie theatre & something to do at nite. Isn’t FEMA helping the business owners?

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