19 thoughts on “This is what our new Boardwalk will look like (BOARDS!)”

  1. Last I read the boardwalk is supposed to be fully completed sometime around Nov 1. I’m on a mission to get the city to make October 29, 2013, the date of its grand re-opening. That would be, of course, the one-year anniversary of the date Sandy hit. I want there to be a party the length of the boardwalk for the whole town, to celebrate everything this town has overcome since October 29, 2012. How great would that be?

  2. So, what is the advantage of the diagonally laid boards on both sides? I’m glad the ride will be smoother when on my bike, but I’ve tripped while jogging a couple of times over the years in places where old perpendicular boards had warped and come up higher than other places. Will the diagonal design help that at all?

  3. Sarah
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 11:19:22

    Great Idea for 10/29 Celebration Kristin. The Boards look beautiful, it will be such a pleasure for all, when the job is complete. Hooray!


    If we ever see this completed, at the rate they are going it may be a New Years Party.

  4. I like Sarah’s idea of an official celebration on 10/29 to see what has happened in one year. It will be awesome to see all of the before/after photos.

  5. We have had enough ceremonies, groundbreakings for the boardwalk already no need to celebrate a job that if started in January ( like seaside and belmar) we would be enjoying now! To celebrate a city govt and grace industries that has 10 people working on the boardwalk would be a disgrace!!!!

  6. One day when this project is done, when ever that will be, hopefully iny lifetime, we will all laugh at this monstrosity of a so called job.

  7. There is a 14-foot bike lane in the middle with longitudinal boards for a smooth bike ride. All the boards are 2 x 6 instead of the former 2 x 4. The diagonal strip on the beach side is 22-feet wide and the strip toward the street is 14-feet. So the bike lane is off center. Between Long Beach Boulevard and National, most of the side lanes are concrete.

    The 1937 boardwalk had a narrower bike land, also laid with longitudinal boards, but these were replaced with transverse boards when their joists rotted in the early 1960’s.

    Railings will be aluminum with eight horizontal rails instead of two; the railings will curve gracefully inward toward the boardwalk.

  8. That STUPID Trapeze thing and the fence around it on the lot adjacent to the Boardwalk is going to cost us Volley Ball players and Beach goers about 30 to 40 parking spaces. Whoever thought this thig up should get their Heads examined!

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