Billy Crystal is coming to Long Beach for a special event this Saturday

Here is the media release sent to me by the city:

The Long Beach City Council will be joined by Billy Crystal on Long Beach Blvd. Beach this Saturday, June 22 at 12pm for a special event. All are welcome.

So what is this mysterious event? I bet that it HAS TO do with the boardwalk rebuild.  It HAS TO. For Billy Crystal to show up, it HAS TO be something big and historical…. if Billy Crystal doesn’t come riding in on an elephant, I will be deeply disappointed! After all, Elephants were used to build the first boardwalk. Wouldn’t Billy would look marvelous on one? 🙂

In the meantime, here is the progress of the boardwalk so far:

(Thanks Pete for the photo!)



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6 thoughts on “Billy Crystal is coming to Long Beach for a special event this Saturday”

  1. You know this is a manipulated photo because the color of the boardwalk through the spokes of the wheels isn’t what it should be, right?

    (Are we allowed to call people idiots simply based on the type of bike they ride? How about based on the type of house they have? Or the job the do? Or their hairdo? Or color of their skin?)

  2. They are boardwalk bike beta testers to see if our smarter, safer, stronger boarswalk can withstand the pressure of two bikes on it.

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