I.FLY Trapeze is going up (or maybe it’s completely up already?)

Some of you might remember the I.Fly Trapeze proposal that I posted back in April.  Well,  as you might know already, I.Fly Trapeze is actually going up at the superblock. I haven’t seen it in person yet. but a few of you folks were kind enough to send me some photos.

This Trapeze setup basically goes in line with what I was saying May when I wrote how FUN coming to Foundation/SuperBlocks this Summer. What other fun things will the city bring to us?

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(Thanks Pete & Sean for the photos!)


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8 thoughts on “I.FLY Trapeze is going up (or maybe it’s completely up already?)”

  1. I think this may be a great thing for LB but this is the wrong location. Even though we have some residents who would ban cars altogether, the fact remains that valuable parking is being sacrificed for a commercial venture. I would even rather see it set up in the same general location, but on the beach. Once again the city takes the short view. How do they justify trying to draw more people into our city but provide minimal, at best, parking.

    There is a huge parking lot near the Rec center. Why not set it up there?

    Why not implement a parking/jitney program utilizing vehicles the city already owns and the lot at the train station? This would make the quality of life for residents in the area improved tenfold.

  2. I wonder if someone did a cost-benefit analysis on how much the city could make in parking (parking fees – lot paving cost – salaries of fee collectors) as compared to renting it out to a handful of companies (permit fees – … well I can’t think of an expense the city incurs).

  3. There already is a trolley bus that goes from the station and shoots down Broadway.

    Brian why don’t we just extend the beach parking onto the beach by having cars pull up right onto it? NO! I am kidding.
    Your economics in reality are reverse and this is not just my own opinion. Save me alot of typing and just google “the economics of parking”. Incentivizing driving by providing subsidized parking (they would not be charging all year) in lieu of utilizing space for public use, for recreation, parks, or some form of community outlet / place making is going to have negative consequences for a local economy, the longevity of a healthy community with the negative aesthetics, not to mention the environmental effect of large impervious surfaces- toxic + heat increasing.
    How about we work on reducing a percentage of carbon emission and reward ourselves with productive community space?

    You might factor in the the spill over this trapeze school could bring to the local economy.

  4. You are clearly unaware of the bus schedule. That trolley is the shoppers special which runs M-F only and then only between 10 am and 3 pm. I actually utilize the city buses.

    What I would like to see is something that runs from the station, down National and then along Broadway, both ways then returns to the station on the weekends and holidays when the beach gets the most use. Charge a minimal fee each way, perhaps $.50.

    Then you can start trying to draw more visitors with very little investment.

  5. Ha,ha,ha,a,ha. Run another bus? Where people could actually benefit from it? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! Under the current schedule during the day the buses are not co ordinated with the LIRR. So buses leave the station shortly before the train arrives and buses arrive at the station after the train departs. It’s chaotic and symptomatic of this dysfunctional city. Of course it would make sense to run a shuttle bus from the station to the beach but that would require initiative, something sadly lacking around here. And the shoppers special. Does anyone understand where and when it goes?

  6. More Crapola for bringing in the Trash from outside. Who gets these bright Stupid Idea’s? Perhaps when we have our first Flash Mob here someone will wise up

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