Mysterious Billy Crystal Event Update

billycrystalAccording to Newsday, comedian, legend and one-time Long Beach resident Billy Crystal will announce his donation to Long Beach this saturday:

“Long Beach officials would not confirm the amount of the donation but said Crystal would make the announcement at noon while standing on a finished portion of the new boardwalk at the end Long Beach Boulevard. (article: Billy Crystal to reveal donation to Long Beach)

Awesome stuff. Definitely something you won’t want to miss. I still think riding in on an elephant is the best way to attract headlines and make history, but this is just as good. Thanks Billy!!!

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3 thoughts on “Mysterious Billy Crystal Event Update”

  1. Billy, before you hand over a donation check to this town, I would as them to tell you exactly what they intend to do with your money… Most likely it will go towards pensions and never make it to the people who really need it here

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