You asked for it, well you got it!

The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce will be holding it’s first annual Super Block Street Fair this July  20-21st.

Oh, was that not the Super Block news you were looking for? So sorry…

Anyway, sounds like fun. Since it’s the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, one would THINK the venders would have to be all local, but it looks like anybody can rent a space:

Oh well…….. hopefully this won’t effect local business too much.

(Thanks Lisa for the photo!)


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2 thoughts on “SUPER BLOCK NEWS!”

  1. I understand that the city does not own the Super Block, however, a few things were held there this summer (fairs, carnivals, etc) and I have to say- it totally turned me off. The Block looks like a dump- weeds, dirt, etc. NOT a nice backdrop for events. Isn’t there an economical way to make this area more aesthetically pleasing??? Can the city reach out to the owners– together they could pay to have it paved? cleaned up? turf put down? something? If I was visiting from out of town I would have thought LB was trashy/unsightly place. It is also next to the food trucks which draws people to the area. Let’s have this unused space benefit the city!! Beautification is important for both tourist income and home sales!

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