Billy’s Way Looks Marvelous!

FgiFHLfBelow is an artist’s rendition of a new section of the boardwalk that will be known as Billy’s Way. Named after celebrity & former LB resident Billy Crystal, this bump out will be an extension of the eastern portion over at Neptune Blvd where Billy grew up. I haven’t seen any confirmation, but I’m assuming it will be bathrooms & showers, since new/permanent ones won’t be allowed to be built on the beach. If I am wrong on that, please let me know. I do know that this rendering looks amazing; I am loving the circular pergola.

I have to say, I like how this building is named after a celebrity and is not just another memorial. This is no disrespect to those remembered, but there way too many memorials around here; it’s depressing and getting out of hand. Billy’s Way is a celebration of life, comedy and hope, for those who have dreams they want to follow. Thank you for naming this building after Billy Crystal. It will definitely make me smile every time I “use” it.

Note on memorials: I don’t have a problem if it’s a memorial for a person who made an impact in Long Beach. My issue is for the ones where people just buy plagues and take over public space, and it has nothing to do with Long Beach.



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15 thoughts on “Billy’s Way Looks Marvelous!”

  1. Why name it after Billy Crystal? He is merely a comedian/celebrity. I’m glad he tapped his rich friends and dug into his deep pockets to send some money to his childhood home town, but he neither lives here or has he done anything worthy of such a unique and singular honor. So thank you Billy, and let’s definitely honor him with some kind of proclamation, but to name a part of our boardwalk… a little much, a little too much like a quid pro quo for the cash which makes it less than the gracious undertaking you originally reported . I’m not saying Mr. Crystal has anything to do with this naming, but it sets a precedent I’d rather not see repeated. Now if this is a sale of naming rights to raise money for our cashed strapped city… bring it on and advertise it, open the opportunity to all comers. Maybe a Nike would pay to name a stretch of miles “Just Do It” Way.Thanks Billy, but boardwalk perpetuity?

  2. Your third sentence contradicts itself alone. I’d side with the more ambiguous “Billy Way” over “Verizon Vista” any day….

  3. I suppose being a Tony Award winning, highly accomplished Comedian, that graduated from Long Beach High School in 1965 doesn’t count for anything? Maybe you should have gone to 700 Sundays on Broadway, as it was themed around him growing up in Long Beach. Clearly, you’d rather sell naming rights or name it for any Union Head that essentially bankrupts Long Beach. I don’t see how naming it Billy’s Way is a bad thing, considering he DID tap his rich friends for the benefit of Long Beach. I’m sure you think its a terrible thing to tell the kids this story..”Hey kids, this man Billy Crystal became highly successful and never forgot his roots and gave back to his community, that was in need.” What a terrible precedent?!?!?!

  4. I didn’t say it didn’t count for anything, I said it ought to be recognized. Just not with a naming. Where you come up with that union head stuff is beyond me. I don’t go ga ga for comedian celebrities and don’t want our boardwalk to be named after anyone. Naming rights that deliver much needed $ to the City… that seems like smart financial management. PS I did see 700 Sundays, not my cup of tea either.

  5. Lancer, you make a good point, but I disagree with you. As for setting a precedent, I think having memorials for people who had no impact in Long Beach, other than family members being able to pay for one, is the precedent we should be more concerned with.

    Billy Crystal, as what JRLB stated, is a highly accomplished comedian who has done a lot to keep the LB spirit alive (700 sundays is the best example), but even by just mentioning Long Beach during the 12..12.12 concert in front of millions of TV viewers was a lot – Giving us the exposure we deserve from sandy damage that has been lost by all the media attention New Jersey has been getting.

    Many areas celebrate and honor their celebraties. Why not Long Beach? All what we do on Long Island is destroy history and never celebrate it. I am glad Long Beach has decided to change that with all the historical plagues that have been installed around town, etc.

    Be thankful these “rich people” were willing to dip into their pockets and donate, because they really didn’t have to. His donation was a gift to the city and he said he will single out where he wants it to go. Just be happy with that because it’s better than nothing.

  6. Seeing as streets, bridges, airports, and even entire cities are often named after luminaries, I have no problem with that pretty structure on the boardwalk being named after Billy. My two cents.

  7. The only problem I have with the plan is one of security. It appears that the building obstructs the view of the boardwalk from the street. With the rampant crime increase since the Democrats took power here, the boardwalk south of this Billy Pavilion would be a mecca for reprobates. Perhaps some design with less area obscured from view would be safer.

  8. The trellis over the boardwalk also limits the vertical clearance available to emergency vehicles using the boardwalk. As pretty as it appears, it would present an obstacle to fire trucks and boom trucks responding to fires.

  9. Naming rights are straight forward and have a defined price CC. You may not like Verizon Way, but if there was a market for it and each corporate name brought in big bucks, it would be something worth considering. Re Billy, big thanks, major Proclamation, PR, etc. all good… but when I think of a named section of boardwalk, why him? Must be the money. Otherwise the west end would be named after a great man like Jim Monahan(CURB founder) whose work in making LB accessible to all is legend.
    Anthony, please read what I wrote. I’m thankful. Nor did I imply that rich families would cough up big money for naming rights. I thought that sun/surf/summer driven companies might.

  10. My only issue with this is the location. Why would you put a large restroom at the eastern end if the boardwalk which is the least populated area. If you put one there you should also have one at the west end if the boardwalk and perhaps expand the one on the middle of the boardwalk.

  11. Not a fan of celebrities or celebrity mania. But, Billy definitely did something(s) selfless for Long Beach. I’m happy we would name it after the guy. Then we should put his face on a billboard!

  12. I believe the reasoning is because Billy lived in the East End in that exact area. I like the location. I don’t like when everything is piled up in the middle. It gives people a reason to travel the boardwalk and explore.

  13. It will only be known as Billy’s Way if people call it that. (Hey, let’s meet at the Neptune Gazebo!) Whatever anyone calls it, I’m delighted we are the recipients of Crystal’s largesse. A rose by any other name…

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