13 Replies to “Long Beach Hotel has a Menu!”

  1. Doesn’t sound too unreasonable for chops or steak under $30… as long as it’s good! Any idea who the owners of the hotel are or who the chef is?

  2. I stopped in there real quick the other day just to check it out and they also have a small bar menu too!
    Chicken fingers, sliders & such. So happy this place is there.

    Sidenote on the parking issue. I’ve noticed on Shore road, between Monroe & Lincoln, there are two available lots (or at least what appears to be available;) The building on the southwest corner of Lincoln & Shore (don’t know the name, nice loooong walkway) do not seem to be using the parking lot (the linked Google image is pre-Sandy) and the other half would need to be paved (again, it’s paved in the Google photo but mostly just a sand lot currently) I know the valets would have to drive down to Monroe and back up Shore to park, but when a hotel guest requests their car, it wouldn’t be that bad of a retrieval (for some fit valets at least)

    I wonder if these property owners would be interested in leasing the space to the LB Hotel people, if/when the parking uproar from neighbors starts to escalate if/when they become more successful.


  3. Thank-you for posting their menu. I am curious & hungry!! Have cycled past there many-a-day & it looks very inviting. Looks like a great place for a warm summer night snack & cocktail.

  4. Unfortunately I will not be frequenting the LB Hotel for food, drink, or lodging. I brought a group of friends to their semi-outdoor lounge a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. We sat at a table with lounge seating (NOT at the bar). After 5 minutes we were approached by security and asked to leave. Apparently they have a ‘no children in the lounge area’ policy. We had one child in our party, who was quite well-behaved. For a hotel that boasts a ‘family friendly’ atmosphere, I was appalled. I can understand asking someone to leave because of drunkenness or inappropriate behavior, but because we had a child with us at 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon?? The restaurant wasn’t open yet so they had nothing else to offer us. What if we had been guests at the hotel? We took our business elsewhere that day, and I will continue to do so.

  5. Jo you reminded me of an article I read maybe 2 weeks ago about restaurants with No Children policys. I wish there was a restaurant with a “No Children” policy in Long Beach.

  6. Do everyone a favor, leave your children at home when you bar hop. It might be culturally acceptable to have children around booze in the west end but let’s class up a bit over here.

  7. Is sitting in a lounge at 3:30 PM considered bar hopping over wherever you are? I didn’t realize that there was a classy part of LB. Where exactly is “over here”? I’d like to come over and mingle with classy people instead of the riff raff in West End. The LB Hotel certainly doesn’t look very classy to me but who knows.

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