New Jersey is “Stronger Than The Storm.” What is Long Beach?

$T2eC16FHJIYE9qUcNTrIBRnmRkr8sQ~~60_35Saying you are stronger than mother nature is a big statement. What’s going to happen to New Jersey in five billion years when the sun expands into a red giant consuming everything in its path?


I’m just saying…..  From one Sandy-damaged area to another, your summer motto stinks. Please Long Beach, don’t try to come up with something similar, because in the Mother Nature Vs. Human Being game, mother nature will always win in the end.

How about this: Long Beach is stronger than New Jersey, which is stronger than the storm.


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10 thoughts on “New Jersey is “Stronger Than The Storm.” What is Long Beach?”

  1. Dan I realize that. This article was a joke. I wrote it before I even realized Long Beach was coming up with a campaign. Little did I know the City was actually going to announce something…

    Also, this blog is primarily about Long Beach, that’s why I didn’t mention other towns. My heart is there for all on Long Island who was affected.

  2. New Jersey deserves to have a good summer season. They moved in a timely fashion to get everything rebuilt, at dramatically lower costs and with aggressive construction schedules. Contrast that with Long Beach – an off the charts boardwalk cost, construction start up delays, and now even when construction is underway, there are 8-10 workers there on any given day. There is no urgency to get the project done. In New Jersey, there was urgency from the Governor right down the line.

  3. If the ENTIRE STATE OF NEW YORK depended on the 3 mile beach of Long Beach then we would have everything done by now, too. WE ARE AN AFTERTHOUGHT in comparison to lower Manhattan, Rockaway and Staten Island. That is why there was no urgency of the STATE OF NEW YORK to help push us forward. You can compare the State of New Jersey all you want to Long Beach but it is completely pointless to think our city would be met with the same sense of urgency.

  4. Incidentally, there is hardly a consensus about NJ’s “Stronger Than The Storm” thing. That annoying song was written by a marketing firm, fercryingoutloud … an insult to the many talented singer-songwriters and musicians in that state.

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