Long Beach Humane Society / Kitty Cove Adoption Center

photo 3Long Beach Humane is a 501c3 charity,  has an all volunteer staff and every penny donated goes to the care, feeding, housing and medical expenses to the cats and kittens that we rescue. Visit us at our new location at 126 Austin Blvd in Island Park. We’re open 7 days a week, 9am – 2pm & 3pm – 8pm.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us in the cattery. All donations, whether monetary or as supplies, are gratefully accepted. Call Kitty Cove at 516-594-1721 to learn more about volunteering and a list of necessary supplies. Also, visit us on Facebook for more info.

Long Beach Humane Society / Kitty Cove Adoption Center
126 Austin Blvd
Island Park, NY 11558
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  1. Hey Kitty Cove! I’d like to bring over some supplies. Would you post a list of preferred food (wet, dry and brans d(s) and cat litter?

    Does the shelter need anything for its volunteers? Do you guys have enough fans or need and AC? Chairs?

  2. Hi there longbeachspeakup! And thanks for reaching out. Here’s a list of what we need:

    * Unscented clumping litter
    * “Yesterday’s News” litter
    * Baby food – strained meat variety
    * Fancy Feast Kitten food canned – Tender Turkey
    * Kitten Chow
    * 9 Lives canned cat food
    * Folding Chairs – 4
    * Bottled water (for volunteers!)
    * Fans – 3 medium sized

    Thank you so much for your generosity. Donations can be dropped at our center every day 9a-2pm & 3pm – 8pm. Also, follow us on our facebook page!

  3. Hi! We actually do need a 8,000 BTU window air conditioner. If you can help, please call 516-594-1721 and let us know. Thanks so much!

  4. adopted a lil kitty yesterday,,, Charles ( now BEAR ) is a healthy fun lil guy and a great addition to our family …. The new location of Kitty cove is a real nice place, great for the cats,,,, everyone needs to come down and take a peek,leave a nice donation and maybe take home a friend for life !! Thanks to andrea and staff

  5. I am very disappointed with the rude and inconsiderate staff that acted in a very prejudice and unfair and un-business like manner. I intend to file a complaint with the BBB

  6. Bruce, I dont know what happened in your situation but I know the staffs ONLY care and main concern are the kittens , if they felt unease over you or your situation then ill bet thats why what ever went down did . As I have adopted a couple time and know a bunch of others that have adopted and every single person Loves the Cove and staff !!

  7. Trust me I have good references I have been taking care of animals for 40+ years
    My vet spoke to Lisa several times
    It’s totally to do with prejudice actions on her part… My exe wife was a breeder of show golden retrievers I had raised many kittens and puppies in my life nobody would take better care of this kitten 1, I’m not from Long Island, she tried pushing two kittens on us and my exec was a breeder
    Lisa is very unprofessional my vet was appalled when speaking to her on the phone… My mother taught me always to treat people as you would want to be treated… My wife and I have been looking for an orange tabby for months to replace her kitty that passed away from old age
    We are both good Christians you just don’t treat people like that…you can try to just sweep her actions under the carpet but it doesn’t make it right !


  8. Our vet is Dr. Kathy Sneider for Blue Ribbon Vet. Services Plymouth Ma…She is Well Known and respected as a Vet and Breeder…originally from Long Island…She tried to several times talk to Lisa…I have reviewed many comments and see that some people adopted a single kitty and some adopted a pair and was told they would break up the litter…Once Lisa found out I was not local we had issues…And my exe wife being a Golden Breeder was just the icing on the cake… I have not had anything to do with Breeding dogs in over 3 and a half years… My participation was to care for all the animals at the home and Kennel…I know animals better than most because of this experience….The fact that my current wife’s kitty lived to an age of 14 also speaks for itself that the kitty was well cared for…BTW My current wife is from Long Island so maybe that should account for something LOL

  9. Please excuse me, I am not a difficult person to deal with. I’m actually a very friendly person and come highly respected from where I come from… You can check any of my references and the peoples lives that I have touched over the past 57 years…
    your comment is lame and you should check all the facts before making such a statement. When someone is prejudice to you says one thing then changes the agreement mid stream and makes comments like this woman did…that’s highly unprofessional rude inconsiderate… you can try to sweep this under the carpet all you want she’s not a nice person…I would recommend the Agency make a set of requirements and policies for the general public and post them on their website so that all can see…this changing of policies and rules midstream and that fact someone may not be from Long Island NY all go away!

  10. Bruce,

    I have not only been a volunteer (and foster-mom) with Long Beach Humane Society for 10-years but I am also on their Board. I am stating the above sentence not for ego purposes but to punctuate that I am very familiar with Long Beach Humane Society’s policies.

    1 – I spoke with your vet twice, the 2nd time, she called me 9:30 pm and asked if I was with PETA. That is when I ended the conversation with her. Professional…hmmm? I (we) work with top-notch veterinarians every single day and not one Doctor I know of would have a – made that call and b – made that statement.
    2 – You were not denied adoption for showing/breeding dogs. Although Long Beach Humane (as a whole) certainly frowns upon breeders, this was not the primary reason for adoption denial.
    3 – Your location has zero relevance on adoption. We have numerous adoptions to Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. etc. I knew before we spoke where you resided; I’m the one that received your application via email.
    4 – I am not doubting your abilities with animals.
    5 – During our conversation, you mentioned 2 kittens that you were interested in. We love double-adopts because kittens (especially young kittens) thrive when they go to their forever home together.
    6 – You were denied adoption because you spoke with your girlfriend and she was very insistent on adopting only one kitten. The kitten you picked is a mere 7-weeks in age. I spoke directly with our President who made the decision that this will be a double-adopt ONLY.
    7 – I am having a hard time accepting that you cannot find one single kitten between Massachusetts and Long Beach, New York.

    Please save a life and adopt the kitten of your dreams from a local shelter.

  11. We have been looking for close to a year now to find an orange tabby cat on numerous sites and agencies… NY has many more sites to work with than MA…there are not a lot of agencies in my neck of the woods and we were elated to find just what we were looking for on your webpage…(to get the story straight its my wife and not my girlfriend). We had discussed one verses two and we feel it would be better for us and the kitten just to take one… I’ve researched your agency and I know your agency does place just one in many homes you even told me this over the phone…I tried to explain that I have numerous years with animals from breeding and taking care of the just born to the very old… cats and dogs and many other types…I also said that I do not currently have any animals at the property a 4,500 sf house on a thirty acre old farm… I also stated that my wife has had several cats that lived long lives… I have whelped many litters…I have bottle fed babies that needed special attention performed CPR on new born kittens and puppies and I am very capable but in my defense you did say the kitten was ready to go and that it was eating solid food… so I’m not sure why the kitten would need to have a litter mate at this point and I tried to explain he would be in good hands…I know I did mention to you that my wife is retired and I work from an office in our home and so the kitten would not be left alone for hours on end…Not sure if you mentioned all this to your president and the fact you did tell me that we could adopt a single kitten…we went from you all approved please get me a check to many issues I’m not sure where or how but all stemming from your end on this…We only had to decide on one verses two…I had the check addressed for the one as we discussed and I was ready to overnight to be sure Cooper was spoken for… I am very disappointed to be told to look else where when we have been for a solid year…

    We would really like to adopt Cooper or Logan but not both…they are exactly what we have been looking for… we don’t see any issues on our end taking care of the kitten as we both have years of experience in doing so…we already have a lot of the supplies and just need to pick up food and kitty litter which I’m sure we could discuss to be sure its the proper type once we come to pick him up

  12. It was a question, not a comment. It does seem like you are repeatedly pointing fingers and complaining about prejudice on this thread. Just sayin’

  13. have you ever lost a pet? have you been looking for over a year for the perfect pet? Told one thing which builds up your hopes and expectations and then have it pulled out from under you because someone decides to change their mind / rules/ policies what ever you want to call it…there’s more to this story

  14. I have certainly lost a pet. I have a close family member that happens to be a very well known veterinarian in western MA (located in Palmer, MA- much closer than Long Island), and I know t that it is kitten season and that there are many many kittens to choose from. Maybe if you called there, which is much closer than NY, practices near you might be able to direct you to a rescue or public shelter that you can save a wonderful furry life from. I am ALSO a volunteer with animals and have seen MANY orange kittens come and go from shelters in the last 6 months alone, so your story is very hard to believe

    Bruce, I have to tell you, coming from a rescue POV, that breeders and former breeders are frowned upon due to the ideal that they pick and choose who lives and who dies- something that the HUMANE society is firmly against. The fact that your vet is also a breeder or former breeder, doesn’t help. LBHS has been around for decades, has a wonderful reputation in the area because they ARE strict and they DO follow rules set forth years ago. For example, you keep saying your wife, but it looks like your conversation with LBHS seems that you stated it’s for your girlfriend. If the director chooses to do double adopt only for those kittens, it’s within their right to do so on a case by case basis, depending on how bonded the kittens are.

    Go to a kill shelter, Bruce, if you are such an animal lover. Save a life that would otherwise be destroyed.


    And these are just to name a few that a simple Google search brought up.

    I wish you the best of luck in saving the next love of your life. Please note that this is the first, and last, time I will ever read this ridiculous thread.

  15. Ah, I see you tried to make the point that it’s your wife.

    In any case, throwing a temper tantrum on an internet forum that ANY rescue in the area will know about will certainly make it impossible for you to adopt from here.

  16. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever read! Seems to me that this is more about someone saying no to ya’ll than anything else. If you were in the breeding world, you should know that breeders reserve the right not to sell a puppy to anyone. Why should it be any different for a rescue? Also, it’s really hard for anyone to believe that this is the only orange kitten from MA to NY. And seriously, if you’re as awesome as you say you are, you wouldn’t be name calling to these volunteers and threatening to call the BBB. Be a gentleman. Find a local rescue.

  17. Mr Wilson, a quick perusal of petfinders gives me 6 orange tabbies kittens in your area today. Do the right thing by supporting your local rescue.
    Btw, when they Google you, which they will, I sure hope this self righteous thread doesn’t come up, or u will be refused by them too. This has turned to all about you, and not what’s right for the cat. Rescue won’t like that, and word spreads fast.

  18. Thank you for the links to theses other sites… I will certainly check them out…I had signed into the Adopt a pet site locally here in MA and have received daily emails of the local cats and kittens for a year and 2 months now…we also tried checking other sites…My Wife and I have our heart set on finding a kitten vs a grown cat…Being from a breeding and show background know its better to find a younger kitten to bond with and teach at an early as possible stage…Sometimes people make the mistake of hanging a tag on someone and prejudice their opinions… there are breeders out there that do it for the love of the animal and enjoy the faces of the families that purchase a forever friend…I can’t speak for others but I have never in 25 years picked or chose an animal to be put to death… A good breeder with pick and choose only those animals that have all their clearances and good health to breed… the others we have neutered and place in good homes…but I’m sure you will agree that’s a good thing if you want healthy animals…I will check those links you gave me and if you come across a orange tabby that would be awesome 🙂

    Again thank you for the links

  19. Thanks for all your help…I spent hours on line today and finally found an 8 week old red (really orange) Maine Coon Cat… the Kitten is adorable…We decided to call him Logan

  20. This is the most insane stupid time wasting guy that Wilson whatever – give him a few cats to meow up his arse – meow meow

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