8 thoughts on “New Long Beach Tourism Logo!”

  1. It looks like a restaurant logo for a diner. Don’t think the creative decision makers are stronger than the storm here in the city by the sea. I would hire the same marketing company jersey used for next years campaign as this year is already lost by not having the boardwalk up. What are you goo g to promote, come to long beach and see pillars where the boardwalk use to be don’t waist any money on marketing this year, its too late.

  2. The LB Facebook page posted this and hundreds liked the logo. Only “Terri Frisone” and a couple other Republicans tried to pick it apart. Then when it was posted on LB Patch there was a stream of dumb comments. Lots of negativity directed at Jack and Gordie by Hennessy and company. Maybe its just jealousy? Kudos on the logo. Very nice job!! I was an “extra” in the commercial and can’t wait to see it.

  3. Well I should hope a diner would get a “restaurant logo”; makes more sense that way, don’t you think?

    Cheer up mate, save your gray cloud for Patch…

  4. I think it looks nice, but why the heck didn’t they use the new style railings in the rendition. It doesn’t look like the new boardwalk at all.

  5. i think they meant fro it to look like the old board walk. it would be cool if the somehow made the boardwalk in the logo transition form the old one to the new one

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