6 thoughts on “UPDATE: City of Long Beach TV Commercial with Billy Crystal [VIDEO]”

  1. I’m curious … is this paid for by whatever organization runs visitlongbeachnewyork.com (which redirects to visitlongbeach.lihearld.com)?

    The video looks very well put together, it doesn’t look like something a freshman film student did with a camera from eBay. But the website the video tells us to go to to find out more, it doesn’t look so good. Plus, there’s some inaccurate information. For example, the food page (who picked the order? pay more to be at the top? it’s not alphabetical) mentions “Outdoor and Water View” but only lists places on Park and Beech. Sorry, but Sandy is gone, there is no more water view on Park.

    The video looks good, but I’m not sure what the story is about the website the video is telling us to go to to get more information.

  2. I am curious, can we vote for these videos?
    Version 2 and 3 are much better than version 1, which looks very rushed and I did not like the way they put it together. Does not really show anything that Long Beach has to offer. I understand the difficulty of making a video without the boardwalk, but the beach is beautiful and it’s a natural scene that everyone loves. What I like about version 2 and 3 is that it shows the beach, the kids and the stores with more liveliness than compared to version 1.

    Billy Crystal is a GREAT actor and what a nice guy for raising money for Long Beach and offering to do the commercial for FREE. Awesome! Bravo! But I just have one comment, at the end of the commercial he is fully dressed at the beach. Please come one…it is a beach not a church, at least take off some clothes!
    Thanks Billy Crystal for this idea and for raising money for our Long Beach! You are the best, and true to your hometown!

  3. You visited the wrong site accidentally (an honest mistake I made myself). Apparently the Herald squatted on visitlongbeachNY while this campaign goes through visitlongbeachnewyork. Check out the real site and I think you’ll be impressed. I was.

  4. Ahhhhh, I’m an idiot. That’s the problem. The visitlongbeachnewyork.com site is much better! Thank you, websleuth!

    (If only the could get the company that did this site to redo the city’s site …)

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