[OPINION] Hey Tim Keating of Rainforest Relief, Please Don’t Crap On Our Recovery!!

wood[OPINION] At the last City Council Meeting, Tim Keating of Rainforest Relief told council how he has an issue with ipe, the resilient wood we are using for our new boardwalk. According to the LB Patch, Keating even considers suing the city over this, particularly how the wood is harvested. He also considers filing an injunction to have the work stopped, unless we switch the wood (read @ LB PATCH – Greens Blast City for Tropical Wood Boardwalk).

I’m a friend of the environment. My recycling bin overflows every week. Sure, I don’t know where that stuff ends up, but I do my part. My baby wears cloth diapers. I bring a metal water bottle to work everyday to keep me from buying plastic. I bring bags to grocery stores. I am obsessed with the MPG in my economical car. I ride my bike whenever I’m local. I plant mostly native shrubs around my house, the ones that feed native birds, bugs and butterflies. I respect the environment and care for it. I totally get that we should protect our rain forests, but please correct me if I am wrong: Isn’t it more sustainable to cut down old trees and replace them with saplings? Younger trees produce more oxygen, right? At least That’s what google tells me. This ipe boardwalk will last much longer than the previous, where we had to replace the wooded boards all the time. How many trees did the old boardwalk kill? This one seems like less will be cut down in the long run. And a plastic boardwalk? I just feel like bringing in more plastic into this world seems like a bad idea. Even if it’s recycled plastic, the process of making plastic boards can’t be that healthy. Also, I read that the process of making cement is extremely toxic. So what is the alternative?

Are you really going to sue Long Beach and possibly hurt our rebuild? We are suffering down here. Most people cannot even get back in their homes. Our hospital cannot reopen. We are broke, bankrupted and suffering. There are people living in mobile homes on their property. Others who have no first floors are living on their second with no kitchen. Can somebody please give us a freakn’ break already??? I just feel, in my opinion, that Long Beach is getting beat up by everybody. As if nobody wants us to go back to normal. We have these dumb-ass LNG projects that keep popping up every few years, now this?

I do not know if this potential lawsuit has any merit, but I read a lot of things online regarding Long Beach. There is a strong uprising of residents who are completely pissed off about this particular news and they should be. We just want to go back to normal. Just please let us have our little boardwalk. We need it!!

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  1. Just my opinion, but Mr. Keating strikes me as an angry little man out to make life as miserable for others as he can. His excuse for only coming forward now is he was out of the country. That makes me wonder how big an organization Rainforest Relief really is…there was no one else to raise an objection during the planning period? He is from NYC, let him worry about how air pollution and absurdly placed refuse stations affect the environment.

  2. Mr. keating find another cause to get your 15 minutes of fame …Long Beach is trying to pull itself up from the depths…someone like you will set them back years….let it be

  3. I did not read this blog post past “My baby wears cloth diapers”.

    Are you serious?! That is awesome. Diapers are so friggin evil for the earth.

  4. I hope someday you’ll write a post about the native shrubs you’ve planted around your house, the ones that feed native birds, bugs and butterflies. I’ve been trying to get a list of those from my gardener who isn’t comfortable with anything but traditional garden plants one can find anywhere else. I’d also like to plant sea grasses.

  5. no offense but i think alot of you know deep down that If the city used wood that isnt sustainably forested then its very irresponsible of them. people just wanna feel nostalgic and replace what they lost. boo hoo. never mind where it comes from right? Shame on us if there was a better more sustainable choice. i dont care how much you recycle or how many doors you open for old people. doesnt make it right..

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