Currywurst. What are your first impressions?


Currywurst (10 W. Park Avenue, LBNY) officially opened this past weekend. I went there last Saturday to check it out. You can even see me in this photo from the official Currywurst Facebook page:


I ordered the American Kobe (Beef) Wurst with Firestarter curry. My wife got the Wild Boar Sausage w/ Jalapeño Honey Mustard. We both got bread on the side. I didn’t get any beer, but the selection certainly looks impressive.

I am not qualified to give restaurant reviews, so this is more of an opinion. I really liked what I ordered. Both of our dishes were delicious. The Currywursts come cut up with a tomato based sauce (see top photo), which was great for bread dipping. The sausages are served just on a plate, not cooked in a sauce.. I wasn’t sure what their hot/mild ratio was, but the Firestarter curry wasn’t hot enough for me. Next time I am going full Burning Baboon Curry, which is their hottest. The Jalapeño Honey Mustard, on the other hand, was definitely hotter. Here’s a tip: one dish might not be enough for you; it wasn’t for me. I was still hungry after the Kobe and probably should have ordered more food. My other minor complaint is that the sides were kinda lacking; they had no vegetables at all. Yes folks, French Fries aren’t a vegetable. I am not sure what qualifies as a vegetable in Germany, so maybe I am just nitpicking here.

Other than that, we both really liked what we ordered. The decor looks great and the staff was very friendly. Any first impressions you guys would like to share with us?

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  1. The restaurant is beautiful. I really love the overall vibe- modern and cool. The staff is friendly and the food was good. Unfortunately, the portions sizes were absurdly tiny. My husband and I ordered 2 dishes & 2 beers for $30. We left and ate again! I REALLY want this place to succeed. I hope they realize that German “tapas” aren’t enough and give full size meals! People will be turned off by the pig-in-a-blanket sized brats and won’t return.

  2. yeah that was basically my assessment too. I mentioned how it wasn’t enough food and you need to order two dishes per person. We ate a second dinner when we got home.. haha.It’s a new place, so time will tell if and how things change. I really want this place to succeed though.

  3. I ate there on Friday. Had a Belgian beer brat and a reisenbretzel (a ginormous pretzel) to share with my wife. The brat was exceptional. Tasted authentic, not like the Johnsonville crap. The pretzel was served kinda cold so it wasn’t anything special but when reheated it tasted great. One gripe I had was that you are given about a 1/3 of an ounce of mustard for a brat and mega-pretzel. If you want more they charge you – 50 cents for another 1/3 of an ounce. I don’t really dig on designer mustards – I’d much rather have some free Gulden’s. I agree with your comment that they should offer some kind of vegetable choices.

    All in all, a great addition to LB. Looking forward to trying out the rest of the menu.

  4. Thank you for letting us know how we are doing. We will try to add more vegetable options to the Potatoe Salad and Sauerkraut. We are also going to try to increase the size of the meals or add more dishes.

  5. I was on vacation for the last 10 days and missed the opening! I fully plan on going at some point this weekend though, for sure.

    Curiosity question here:
    Would you consider Currywurst a food joint that has a cool beer selection or maybe more a bar/beer joint that has some authentic German grub? I guess from the previous businesses there, I just assumed it was the former (and the name/sign) but looking at their Facebook photos of people with glasses of beer (not plastic) and the small portion complaints, am I crazy to think it might be the latter?
    I guess I’ll have to find out myself this weekend, very excited!

  6. Being charged more for condiments? That’s actually very authentic!

    (Seriously, go there and ask for ketchup, you’ll be charged half a euro for a packet. Want a second? That’s another half a euro.)

    It does come off as cheap though when that’s not the norm in the country.

  7. My family and I went last night and really enjoyed the place. Food was very good and the atmosphere is great and the staff was super freindly. Will be going back again for sure.

  8. Brian, I don’t know if you’ve been to the Currywurst, yet so I would like to clarify the “condiment situation” real quick. We never charge anything for Regular Mustard or Ketchup – if you want to fill your Beer Boot with Ketchup: No charge. We don’t charge for the first order of the artisinal Killer Bee Mustard. We are however charging for the second order of Killer Bee Mustard and for orders of the handmade Mayo. Regular Mayo: Free.

  9. Hey Lothar we want to come in but I don’t do the gluten stuff so can I bring in my own gluten-less roll and give it to the kitchen? Or I can just go straight for the meat. Either way, stoked to try out the place!

  10. Hi Box, of course, bring your bread and roll. If I am not there please see Christine, our Manager and tell her we talked. Thank you. Hope to see you soon. Best, Lothar

  11. Lothar, thanks so much for visiting the blog and for answering some questions. I wish you great success. Currywurst is definitely part of my local-food rotation now 🙂

  12. Must have seen a Currywurst menu somewhere, leading friends and I to go in, thinking there was a veggie wurst option- left dissapointed-place looked very otherwise inviting

  13. I wish them luck, ……………….I’m telling you this.
    Long Beach USED to be a mecca for great restaurants, however, in the past 4-5 years or so, these restaurants have either gone Down Hill or gone out of business.
    One thing is for sure, it’s not like it used to be. There isn’t ONE really good place left to go to if you want to go to a place other than a Pub or a Pizza place or a Burger shop….

  14. Never had authentic German cuisine before. I am very excited about this place. Will definitely have to make it over there. Best of luck Lothar.

  15. Went here on Thursday and had the sampler with my friend, loved every second of it. Can’t wait to come back, I hope this place sticks around. I would like a healthier choice for a side, though, but as far as I can tell German cuisine doesn’t really do “healthy”.

    Beers were delicious as well. Good job guys.

  16. My wife and I stopped in for a bite this afternoon and were instantly hooked. I had the Southwest Buffalo Bratwurst with spicy curry. It was fantastic! My wifes potato salad was like her German grandmother used to make. We’ll be back for sure! Sehr gut!

  17. I was sure I had read the same thing, allie. In fact I’d been to another curry wurst elsewhere which had vegan smoked apple and sage andd a vegan mexican chipotle sausage. I thought – and hoped – this was the same chain.Guess not

  18. We went today and unfortunately were disappointed. Perhaps it was the excitement everyone had that we expected more. My friend had Merguez, It is not a German sausage but North African and we could have it in Astoria. The side dinner rolls served flat and open were from Waldbaum’s?

    My partner is a foodie and the Belgian fries were Belgium only in name. Soaked in warm oil.

    Last critique, the server was clueless on the menu and should have been able to at least fake a description, oh, and the beer was served without a head. 32.00 later we had the experience. We wish it was like everyone else.

    Next time we’ll go without the foodie 🙂

  19. Dear Proud West Ender,
    Thank you for your critique. We are sorry you left disappointed.
    You are right – Lamb Merguez is not a German Sausage. We never claimed it is. Your friend could’ve chosen one of our many German Sausages, such as the Thueringer for example.
    We get our dinner rolls from a German Bakery in the City. German Owner, German Baker, even a Delivery Truck made in Germany. (
    Our fries are prepared for each and every order and never sit in Oil. But since you brought it up, I will investigate.

    Who was your server? We take pride in educating our staff about the items they sell. Being clueless is not acceptable and I will address this immediately.

    About the Beer: Sounds like you had a Koelsch which is never served with a head.

    Thanks again for taking the time writing this review. It only helps us getting better.

    Lothar Miller

  20. Hi MHC

    thanks for your Post.
    The Currywurst Company is not part of a Chain/Franchise.
    We are going to add Vegetarian Sausages very soon. Vegan is a different story. We can’t use the same equipment for Vegan Dishes like we use for Meat Dishes. So we won’t serve Vegan Sausages.

    Thanks again.
    Lothar Miller

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