The New Boardwalk [Photos and Location opened so far]


Magnolia Blvd to Long Beach Blvd (the green on the map above). That’s what’s open so far, as of July 27th, 2013.

Work on the wooden boards appear to be heading westward, which means the section that will open next is between Magnolia and Laurelton Blvds. East of Long Beach Blvd, which is finally getting the wave-break wall, looks to be the part that will be finished last. Estimated time of completion for the full boardwalk is November, but wouldn’t it be swell if it’s all done on October 29th, on the anniversary of destruction?

Some notes: There was an awesome shower at the beach entrance near Long Beach Blvd. Of course I didn’t take a photo of it, but I did snap one of the snazzy water fountain (last photo on the page). The Bishop’s Hook lamp fixtures look awesome! I think we all agree that they are a big improvement. The railings look great too! Perfect for parents who were scared of their kids slipping though the old ones. The Benches are coming, but many were damaged and need to be repaired (or replaced?) Personally, I am not sure how those old benches will look esthetically on this new & beautiful boardwalk, but whatever. I’m not going there… (even though I just kinda did..) Compared to the old boardwalk, this bike lane is off-centered, giving more pedestrian room on the beach side. Makes sense. I think it gives off the illusion that this boardwalk is wider, even though it’s not. Oh, the boards are less bouncy. Here are a few photos:

(In the photo below: wood/concrete mix that’s between Long Beach Blvd to National Blvd.)


(In the photo below: all wood between National and Magnolia)boardwalk2(In the photo below: Looking East from Long Beach Blvd)boardwalk3

(In the photo below: new fountain matches the new lamp poles). boardwalk4



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23 thoughts on “The New Boardwalk [Photos and Location opened so far]”

  1. It looks fantastic! I love how it looks right now so much, that I don’t want to see bike lanes painted on it. That’s not to say I don’t want to keep cyclists and pedestrians separate, I do. I just would prefer if people could remember that the middle path is for bikes and pedestrians go on either side instead of having to paint ugly lines all over the beautiful wood. Maybe a simple sign on the ramp going up? We’re already going to have those, the ones with the five billion rules, this is just yet another rule.

    (I did notice it’s less springy — is it new vs. old wood? the hardwood vs. whatever is used to be? the differences in how it was put together? I don’t know.)

  2. As a father of a 6 year old and a 2 year old, an improvement I can’t applaud enough is the 7-bar railings. When my 6 year old was a toddler it was always nerve-racking on the boards because you had to be extremely mindful of him near the edge of the boardwalk, which had an 18-20 inch gap from the boardwalk to the middle railing; perfect space for a toddler to slip through and crack their neck on the beach below. LOVE the safety of the new railings!

  3. Calm down Standard. Or have your medication adjusted. Do you have kids? Have you been a parent? Kids are tough to corral and can get themselves into all sorts of mischief despite a parents best efforts.

  4. I’ll appeal to the fine readers of Sea by the City on this one; does my comment say anything about my kid climbing on the railings?

  5. As one of the most anti-child and I-cannot-believe-that-they’re-allowed-to-breed-let-alone-raise-children-like-that people I know, your comment was fine, it was “standard american bad parenting” who is out of line.

    What’s next, chiding adults who put plastic electrical socket covers in so little Johnny doesn’t get jolted? Or scolding parents who put a catch on their kitchen cabinet so Sally doesn’t sip cleaning products because they’re a beautiful shade of blue? Kids should be supervised but who can actually spend twenty four hours a day with their child less than five feet away, on a leash, in direct line of sight?

  6. I totally agree with you– it looks so pretty and clean without paint all over it but unfortunately we have so many visitors who just don’t know the rules. Sooo many people in the bike lane this weekend just wandering like lost souls- it was almost like a obstacle course!

  7. I was on it this weekend too and noticed several skate boarders. I don’t think that they should be allowed on it. Not to mention I saw two kids purposely skidding sideways on the wood and it left indented scratch marks on the wood.

  8. I don’t understand why Skateboarders should be restricted. Nor do I understand why 2 kids, doing something stupid reflects all of society. I saw a piece of gum on the boardwalk this weekend, does that mean we should restrict gum chewing too?

    I’m fully against painting bike lanes having the knowledge of how terribly ugly the old painted bike lanes were. I was one of the few who always used and enjoyed the painted meter markings on the boardwalk, for running purposes. Maybe Phase 2 of the boardwalk should include, fun/creative signs for relaying the use of the boardwalk. Bike Lanes, meter markings, mile markings, etc.

  9. I have nothing against those who use rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, recumbent tricycles, etc. However, I’m curious how the harder wheels of rollerblades and skateboards as well as the abrasive, frictive braking used by rollerblades may mar the wood. Bicycles, on the other hand, have softer, inflated rubber tires and their braking is not against the ground.

    I do agree with your logic that just because one person did something stupid we should ban something. There are many people here who complain about cyclists who do stupid things and then claim we shouldn’t have bike lanes or share the road or … etc.

  10. We live in a crowded society and try to make it usable and accommodating for everyone. Just look at the competition for space in the ocean between surfers, swimmers and fishermen. As always a few stupid kids can cause an overreaction that results in a list of “NOs”. Look at inconsiderate people who blast a radio on the crowded beach. Or those who drink too much beer and get rowdy on the beach disturbing everyone around them. So you end up with radio and alcohol bans .
    Part of the problem with all the activities mentioned by Brian is that they can also cause harm to pedestrians on the boardwalk especially on busy days and at certain times.
    Maybe these activities should be restricted to certain hours such as before 11:00 AM and after 6:00 PM. Also,permitting dangerous activities in crowded situations without adequate supervision and enforcement can lead to liability on the part of the City.

  11. I agree with Beachguy. I wasn’t trying to take something away for the kids, I should have added a little more description to my post. Also keep in mind that bikes have brakes whereas skate boarders and hockey style rollerblades don’t. This could lead to collisions and then you have to think about the possibilities of lawsuits against the city. It really stinks that you have to think that way now. I remember as a kid getting hurt on the boardwalk many times with splinters ect… We never thought about suing.

  12. the old boardwalk had a no skateboarding or rollerskating rule. iN ADDITION, while the bike lane paint was somewhat ugly, most people apparently never noticed it since tourists were constantly wandering into it. Obviously it’s needed. People DON’T READ signs. Rather frustrating; do you paint in hopes it will deter people from walking in the bike lane, or do you say why bother and leave it plain with posted signs? hmmmmmmm

  13. You know what i find fascinating about this fair city and it residents? There are people that live here that find nothing, I mean absolutely nothing positive about anything. My belief is that if it rain $100 bills they would actually complained that it blocked their windshield or littered the street and the city was doing nothing to clean “that mess” up……..Between the overly opinionated jerks on the patch and this guy “standard american bad parenting” I wonder what a simple task like getting out of bed in the morning is like. Find the light my friend so you can find peace and stop worrying about the “other guy”…SMH

  14. Patch whiner: “Oh the city will clean up the $100 bills, just get ready for your 4th tax increase this year to pay for it!”

  15. Jim Hennessy would get a boner writing about the Democratic failures and lack of transparency in causing $100bills to rain down instead of the 500$ bills that teh Republicans made rain down when he was in the City Council. FIRE JACK! HE RAINS WRONG! BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHburp.

  16. I agree with the “no scale boards”. There is no control except for the person on the skate board. There are little children and the elderly walking on the boardwalk, and a collision with a skateboard creates a real danger.

  17. This is only an analogy not fact, $100 bills don’t fall from the sky and if they did the city would be made spotless by all. not political, i am on your side of that guys comment against your parenting…..

  18. Standard american bad partenting you are either:
    a. a moron
    b. never had children
    c. had lots of help if you did have children
    d. were very lucky that your children never had a mishap.
    It only takes a blink of an eye for an accident no matter how diligent you are watching kids and the railing should be more child proof. I am glad this has been addressed with the new railing.

  19. This is exactly what I don’t get. I fully understand the concern about the difference in braking and what it can do to the wood. That is fair and a logical concern that I can appreciate. What I don’t get is, why a skate board is any more dangerous than a Bike. It’s another perception that simply isn’t true. If I am wrong about this next fact I don’t mind being corrected. However, I was told the reason why biking was banned on the ramps because of a situation that happened between a biker and a pregnant woman. I apologize if I am wrong. A Bike can go out of control at any moment as much as a skateboard can and would most likely cause far more serious injuries. A tire can blow out at any moment and someone can lose control of a bike in to a child or elderly person just as easy as someone can lose control of a skate board.

  20. The older boardwalk had few wooden stringers running the length under all of the pine planks. This boardwalk has a sophisticated concrete, and grid shaped under structure which the substantially larger-mass ipe planks are screwed into. this is helpful, perhaps even more helpful than the breaker wall. The stringer system was buoyant wood. This con rete grid underbody system will never float. This boardwalk will not be displaced by floods and debris, our wooden homes which haven’t been ellevated yet…is anoyhrr story.

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