Restaurant / Store Updates: The Gourmet Ice Ice Baby Edition

A few more updates. Mostly in the center of town and the East End. I need some West End news, please. I am sure a lot is missing, so let us know in the comments!

  • It looks like our historical Post Office is FINALLY getting a paint job. I just noticed the Post Office sign was taken town, so what else can it be? That white strip looks terrible, so I will be jumping for joy and licking stamps like crazy if it’s repainted. postoffice
  • Citibank at 135 E Park Ave is moving next door to the old EAB building. I bet that just made your day. citibank
  • 20 Degrees Gourmet Ice will be moving into the former-Star Salon space @ 647 E Park Ave. YES! Gourmet Ice Ice Baby, do do do dododo do.20degrees
  • I know this was mentioned here before, but the sign makes it official: A few doors down from 20 Degrees Gourmet Ice will be Subwaysubway
  • Last, but not least: Futons in Paradise is NOT the new tenant over at 64 W. Park Avenue. REPEAT: Futons in Paradise is NOT the new tenant over at 64 W. Park Avenue. I guess I should also mention how Cell City is moving to 54 W Park Avenue.IMG_7525

Episode 4 (July 8th): EPISODE 4: The ‘You Want Sausage? Long Beach Has You Covered’ Edition.

  • The vacant TCBY is going to be Subway Sandwiches @ 655 E. Park Avenue.
  • Paninis & Bikinis (896 West Beech Street) is OPEN!!
  • That former-Grillfire location: Is it Ciao Baby or Bricks By The Beach? Well, yeah this has been confusing, but has been cleared. The new restaurant will be operated by Ciao Baby, but doing business as Bricks By the Beach. They are waiting for permits and will have a large bar; a wood burning oven for pizza and both an Italian and an American menu. (Thanks Sue for the info!)
  • Long Beach Hotel has a Menu. Has anybody tried their food yet?
  • LB Patch writes about MOKU, the new Surf Shop that’s set to open in the West End (LB PATCH – Surf Shop To Ride Revival Swell In West End).
  • Panera Bread is coming to Island Park.
  • Sorrento’s (255 W. Park Avenue) has reopened. They have really good pizza
  • Sausage Shack coming to the West End. No relation to Currywurst. You want sausage? Long Beach has you covered.
  • Long Beach Humane Society / Kitty Cove Adoption Center has a new location in Island Park.
  • Also in Island Park, Pancho’s (4245 Austin Blvd) has reopened. They are now orange.
  • Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday of Island Park.
    Who could hang a name on you?
    When you smile with every new day
    Still I’m gonna miss you...’  (Sorry, but that had to be done)rubytuesday

Episode 3 (June 13th): Restaurant / Store Updates

  • Everybody’s favorite place Swingbellys BBQ (909 w. Beech) has been open for a couple of weeks now. I am sure you all know this already, as you should.
  • Paninis and Bikinis (896 w. beech) is hiring and will announce their grand re-opening soon. YAY! (read – Now Hiring – Paninis and Bikinis Opening Back Up!).
  • (Coming Soon) Momona Gallery (158 E. Park Avenue) Art, Gifts, Hand Crafted Accessories for Home & Self.momona
  • Break out the dancing shoes, Circle K took over On The Run at the Mobile gas station on the corner of E. Park and Long  Beach Blvd. I believe Nathans is still there.
  • Take out those party hats, Emigrant Savings Bank transformed into Apple Bank (280 E  Park Ave ).
  • (coming soon) Ra-Kang is a new Thai-noodle place opening on the corner of Wyoming & Beech. It’s the same owners as Cha-ba (12 w park ave).
  • (coming soon) A sport bar (with an unknown name) is coming to the former-Avenue Café space at 20 W. Park Avenue (read – Former-Avenue Café/Monterey/Corbin & Reynolds has been rented).
  • The Inn (954 W Beech) is serving food again and is open for lunch with a new summer menu.
  • Dough Hut (891 W Beech) in West End is open. I recommend the donut with bacon.
  • Panera Bread coming to Barnum Landing Shopping Center (King Kullen) in Island Park)

Episode 2.5: (May 8th) Episode 2.5: Restaurant / Store Updates

  • Ocean Ride Cycling Studio will sit on top of Tutti Fruiti. (WebsiteTwitter). Great idea! Now you can eat as much frozen yogurt as you want! Just go upstairs and work it off. Ocean Ride comes to Long Beach with an interesting concept (Long Beach’s first boutique indoor cycling studio, providing a cycling experience using state of the art equipment and energizing) and a kick ass logo that rules every other logo in Long Beach:
  • Long Beach Hotel (405 E. Broadway) has an open air bar and I am now hearing that their grand opening is Memorial Day Weekend (that’s like in a week!) But somebody told me the bar is open already. Is it? It looked like it to me earlier today!
  • Is Ciao Baby still coming to Long Beach?  Ahhh rumors….I now have no idea. First I heard they were taking the former-Tuscan Grill location. Then I was told it was actually Grillfire. But now a reader posts how Grillfire has a hearing notice in the window for a bar called “Bricks by the Beach.” I guess it’s just another brick in the rumor mill-wall
  • NYSC (New York Sports Club), from their website:

    Attention Members: Club closed temporarily due to flooding. We are working diligently to reopen the club. In the meantime, Long Beach members are granted privileges to use any club, at any time at no additional fee.
    The closest clubs are located at 2909 Lincoln Ave, Oceanside and 155 Franklin Place, Woodmere.
    We appreciate your patience.

Episode 2: (May 8th) Restaurant / Store Updates [Wurst Edition Ever!]:

  • Currywurst will be taking over the former Pita Grill spot @ 10 W Park Ave. Take out your Hungarian party hats because it will be a sausage fest galore: I’m actually glad to see something different opening up. We need more variety around here.
  • Ciao Baby will be taking over Grillfire (152 West Park Avenue). Yes, it’s still in the rumor category, but it appears to be a done deal. And heck, it’s my blog so I get to write about whatever is on my mind.
  • As posted in the April 2013 commentsPheobe’s boutique is virtually open online and is offering one on one private shopping experience for those that still want Pheobe’s…..Just a call or text to come over and check it out 917-402-4729 or visit
  • Also posted in the April 2013 commentsPinup Clothing is alive, well, loaded with great new clothing & temporarily located in the walks (at the owner’s house) until right timing and location happens (in Long Beach, of course!). Call 516-431-1565 for exact location.
  • Jetty Bar & Grill is at the former Bahia Social Club spot. Vist them on facebook or just go to the actual place @  832 W. Beech Street, Long Beach, NY.
  • Swingbellys BBQ is rebuilding.
  • It looks like all three Long Beach surf shops are open for business: LB SurfunsOund &Maritime Surf. Go to all three and spend money.
  • In Point Lookout, Skipperdee’s Ice Cream Shop re-opened. You can read all about thathere.
  • Is a restaurant and bar coming soon to the Long Beach Hotel By The Sea? One would assume so, but don’t assume or you will make an ass out of u and me (joke credit: Felix Unger). Only time will tell, but alcohol makes money, so I am going to assume yes. Visit (Thanks Jo for posting that link!).

Episode 1: (April 23rd) Restaurant / Store Updates [April 2013 Edition]:

  • Cuban Crocodile (26 E. Park Avenue) closed due to “issues with their landlord.” They did post on their Facebook page: “Taking a little vacation and we will rebuild somewhere else … It’s been a long 6 months.” I wish them luck and hope to see them back in LB soon.
  • The Bungalow (669 E. Park Avenue), which is a great little place in the east end, is opening up Bungalow West at the former-Jake’s Wayback Burger location (945 W. Beech Street). The Bungalow has great burgers (better than Jake’s), a juice bar and I just heard they serve great breakfast sandwiches.
  • 7-11 is coming to the West End. You are all against this, but will unwillingly support it. They are taking over the former Bally Bannon spot (969 W. Beech Street).
  • Muscle Maker Grill, whose website says they serve Great food with your health in mind, is coming to Park Avenue. Look for a grand opening this May (
  • The waffles at Gentle Brew Coffee kicks some serious ass. Seriously.
  • It looks like work resumed at NYSC (265 E. Park Avenue). Will it reopen as a NYSC? They still list Long Beach as a location on their website:
  • Still no word on Long Beach Cinemas.
  • Karma’s Angel is taking over the old Sweets For Shore spot.
  • The seasonal, bi-weekly Farmer’s Market starts May 1st. Arts in the Plaza will soon follow.
  • M’s Family Restaurant (4160 Austin Blvd) in Island Park finally has a real sign. Well, that’s a good sign!
  • Walmart Supercenter IS NOT coming to the super block, but Peter Luger is.
  • Do not believe any Long Beach rumor that involves Peter Luger.
  • And the newest business in town is FOOT SPA, for all your foot spa needs. You can spot their giant red sign from a mile away.

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8 thoughts on “Restaurant / Store Updates: The Gourmet Ice Ice Baby Edition”

  1. There are some restaurants that had changed their menu’s and lowered their standards after “Sandy” and have kept it that way to save on their overhead, and this has hurt them considerably. Instead of promoting their restaurants with good deals etc, they have lowered their standards and quality in order to save money. I think they have found that this sort of thing back-fired and has hurt them.

  2. Skooker hit the nail on the head, it’s no wonder the restaurants around are doing poorly. When things are bad, its the time to get up and do something positive and try to make improvements. I also have seen the local decline on the quality of restaurants in LB. Perhaps better selection, better deals, better service would help. Can’t hurt.

  3. We rely need a few up-scale aces here in LB. we go elsewhere on Fridays and Satutdays because we don’t want burgers, pizza, or pub food.
    There is. Big void in that department . So we go to Rockville Center or the North Shore.

  4. Oy vey Michael! You rely nead too improove yor spelng. tomorow is Satutday you is big void in your edukatn especially if you went to Rockville center or maybee you shouldn’t post aftr that third martini.

  5. Sadly I cannot afford to eat out at upscale places twice a month, let alone twice a week. It’s probably Obama or Jack Schnirman’s fault.

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