THE MERMAIDS ARE COMING! The Mermaid Art Studio opens in the West End of Long Beach, where art will serve as a vehicle for community restoration and rebirth

The Mermaid Art Studio, Inc. is making a big splash in the West End of Long Beach this fall! Long Beach artists Denise Collins and Laura Bykowski, founders of the original Mermaid Art Studio, are thrilled to relocate to a new home at 891B W Beech Street as part of Long Beach’s post-Sandy recovery. Bruised but not broken…rebuilding Long Beach one paint stroke at a time!

The Mermaid Art Studio will be a community-focused Center for the Arts. The studio will offer afterschool classes for elementary school aged children, tweens and teens, in addition to adult classes and workshops in Printmaking, Book Binding, Painting, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Weaving, Recycled Art, Papiermâché, and much more. Open studio hours will be offered during the day as well as on Fridays for Teen Night. Birthday Parties, Ladies Nights and First Friday events are part of the studio’s programs

Last October Long Beach suffered tremendous devastation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. One school remains closed and the future of our hospital remains unclear. But the community is closer and stronger than ever. Evidence of our “Bruised but not Broken” attitude is everywhere—homeowners are lifting their houses and rebuilding smarter. Construction on our oceanfront boardwalk is well underway. While some businesses were lost to the storm, others are springing up with fresh ideas and energy. Opening in September 2013, less than one year after Hurricane Sandy changed our city, The Mermaid Art Studio will help repair and strengthen Long Beach’s arts community.

Join us in spreading the message of “Bruised not Broken” in our beloved Long Beach. You can help us build The Mermaid Art Studio by contributing to our fundraising campaign. Our goal of $12,500 covers the bare minimum needed for construction and materials to launch our studio space and bring much needed art, beauty and sense of community back to the West End.

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Mermaid Art Studio

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