4 thoughts on “***WEST END BEACH CLEAN-UP*** [This Sunday @ 7:45am]”

  1. I think it’s admirable that citizen volunteers are going to clean the beach. But why is it necessary when we have a paid crew that does it everyday?

  2. I think it’s a great idea. I clean my block on the daily, every time I take a walk constantly picking up garbage. You can’t blame all this on sandy. People are animals unfortunately it’s on going

  3. I think it’s a case of it would require X amount of people to pick up all garbage that somehow didn’t make it into a garbage can. Long Beach currently employs Y people to pick up all garbage that somehow didn’t make it into a garbage can. Due to money not growing on trees, X > Y.

    (And mention raising taxes to pay for people to clean up after slobs and the “tax-and-spend-democrats-are-corrupt-and-robbing-us-blind complainers” will pop out of the woodwork and say that we shouldn’t hire more people to do anything in Long Beach.)

    Long Beach could aggressively fine people who litter and who do not pick up after and/or curb their dog. It would deter the behavior and generate some revenue from the people who act more like animals than people.

    To be honest, it’s really simple to pick any person in society and say “is there any reason you couldn’t accomplish 3% more work today than you did?” and it’s just as easy to to say 5% or 10% instead of 3%.

    Rather than unfounded complaints of “the workers aren’t working hard enough”, how about some sort of proof? How about proposing some sort of job performance metric system (assuming there currently isn’t one)? How about suggesting that the cleanup be broken into halves, and the winning half gets a bonus. (Note that this won’t work if both sides collude to not put any effort in at all.)

    If you really want to effect change (and not just gripe on a website), those sound like more sound strategies. Ones I could get behind too.

    I’m just curious, how many people are on the paid crew?

    –Brian, who likes to live in a clean town, hates the tragedy of the commons and is furious about dog shit on the sidewalk in front of his home

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