For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]

I have no idea what the city has in mind for the bike lane on the new boardwalk, but I’ve been reading and hearing comments how some love the way it looks without the painted bike lanes. I’m wondering how most of you feel, so I did this little poll. Are bike lanes even necessary by the way the wood is laid out?? Would signs be enough? Weigh in, vote and give us your opinion on what you would like to see. (Please note: this is purely for fun).

For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing?
Painted lines with Bike-Stencils (how the old boardwalk was)
Painted lines only
Bike-Stencils only
Signs every so often informing us where the bike lane is.
Do nothing






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34 thoughts on “For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]”

  1. what happens with the lines is they are nice and neat and thin in the beginning but after years of painting they became almost a foot wide!! it’ll take away the asthetics. I’m for small stencils at every blvd with an arrow to stay on your side. 🙂

  2. Whatever they decide- they definitely need to mark the bike lane somehow– We get too many visitors and tourists just strolling and wandering into the bike lane– I think as residents we know where to ride our bikes or walk–but people who are not familiar with the “rules” need to be told- The way the wood is laid out now is just not enough–I don’t think the tourists “get it”-

  3. The more notice the better. People routinely wandered into the bike lane endangering themselves as well as the bikers.So
    I vote for lines, stecils, signs and anything else that will promote safety.

  4. Couldn’t agree more Andrew.. esp tourists.. they are not used to the Long Beach way of life and wander about in a daze. It’s a safety issue not so much an aesthetic one.

  5. can we give the wood back and replace it with pavers and a more sustainable consciously acceptable boardwalk? no offense but i think alot of you know deep down that If the city used wood that isnt sustainably forested then its very irresponsible of them. I hope they didnt. i aint being a hippy or debbie downer im just callin it how i see it. people just wanna feel nostalgic and replace what they lost. boo hoo. never mind where it comes from right? Shame on us if there was a better more sustainable choice. its one thing to sneak a little irresponsibleness here and there, i get it, its another to lay out 3 miles of unsustainable wrongfulness in plain view that does not set an example for what we SHOULD be doing on this earth going forward. i dont care how much you recycle or how many doors you open for old people. doesnt make it right..

  6. Agreed beachguy.. the more obvious the better. As a distance road cycler I find myself riding on Broadway rather than the boardwalk; esp the old one had too many splinters, nails, and pedestrians making it a nightmare to ride. Hopefully the new construction will eliminate the first 2 hazards.

  7. However the bike lanes will be marked, how about actual ENFORCEMENT with real tickets for all the oblivious strollers who could care less and walk in the bike lanes? Yeah I know, dream on dummy.

  8. Too many wanderers on the center lane causing MAYOR accidents for both parties. Please DO something so everyone can be safe and use common sense!!

  9. While we are at it, can The City PLEASE actively ticket people who disregard the “NO DOGS ON THE BOARDWALK” sign?! I love dogs but the owners who allow their pets to urinate and intimidate people strolling and bikers should be fined. Great way for Long Beach to make some revenue NOT from taxing residents!!!!!! Also, garbage pickup on the boardwalk needs to be more frequent. Garbage was spilling over last weekend. Thank you!!!

  10. I think it would be a lot better if the city kept street-vehicles off of the boardwalk. The boardwalk should be a haven for pedestrians and bicyclists. Keep the cars on the streets.

  11. But you do know that the majority of the people who walk their dogs on the boardwalk/beach are from Long Beach? Stop blaming everything walking in the bike lane to dog poop on everybody else.

  12. Whence people come is irrelevant. Post signs that clearly state the rules at frequent intervals and enforce them. Not like the old signs that tried to cram 43 rules on a sign slightly larger than a sheet of paper. That wood is so beautiful I hate to see it marked up with lines and stencils.

  13. Overhead signs (and diagram) on all the ramps leading from the street and beach, Maybe in a few years painted lanes but let us enjoy the untouched wood colors and patterns for a while.

  14. My Girlfriend just said “I Think we should lace your parents house with whoopie cushions ” “As a young child, I love the arcade on the boardwalk, I was good at ski ball, I won 300 tickets, and I used the tickets to buy a whoopie cushion and I would place the whoopie cushion along the benches and prank people. ” Her Words…not mine… “Fart Fart Fart” “You’re Typing So fast. . can you please turn off the light… Fart Fart Fart. ohhhhH! (Bedroom Blogging commences.)

  15. Has everyone forgotten that the boardwalk is now made of a very expensive hardwood!! And now you want to paint lines over it. If people can’t figure out that the boards running longitudinally are for bikes than the human race should be removed from the planet and let the roaches take over! The boardwalk is beautiful the way it is leave it alone!! Put signs at every entrance as to proper bike/running/walking etiquette on the boardwalk. Plain and simple and nothing to maintain.

  16. The sad thing is, probably nothing will really help. People walk up onto the boardwalk and seem to get mesmerized by the sight of the Ocean and then stand there in the middle of the bike lane talking, take their time crossing over it, or just walk off obliviously in the middle of it.

    Everyone loves and wears those Polar Bear tee shirts and sweatshirts. How about tee shirts and sweatshirts with a hip boardwalk logo that say something like, ” Straight boards for wheels, slanted for heels” (hopefully someone will come up with something more clever).

    If they became popular enough it could become emblematic of Long Beach like the Polar Bear shirts and then people might remember or want to seem like regulars and maybe stay out of the lane.

  17. I am so use to being on a bike and being in the lane that several times when i’ve walked on the boardwalk i’ve found myself walking in the bike lane. Sometimes I am not bright.

  18. I assume there would also be real tickets for the bike riders who race at high speed, or veer into the strolling lane so they can pass someone, with no regard to the strollers or other bike riders. I ve heard some would-be bike riders are intimidated by those folks. The boardwalk should be a recreation opportunity for all.

  19. I’ve noticed many more people walking in the middle presumably because the lines are not there. It is a safety issue and IMO, they need to be stenciled in asap!

  20. Last weekend I made it a point to tell people as we rode by that thy were walking in the bike– most people looked at me like I had 10 heads and had no idea what I was talking about and 1 person said (very nasty I might add) ” I don’t see that posted anywhere”– The city has posted at each of the entrances on blue sheets of paper “boardwalk rules”– but I don’t think anyone bothers to read them-

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