Showers at the beach!

Last week when I posted a bunch of photos of the new boardwalk, I mentioned how I didn’t get a snapshot of the new shower that’s at the beach ramp. Well a reader named Suzette was kind enough to take a photo for us!

I love this shower. Very clean, simple & plenty of multi-level spouts. Now who doesn’t love multi-level spouts? I am just loving all the new features this boardwalk has to offer. Everything seems to be an improvement.


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5 thoughts on “Showers at the beach!”

  1. This transforms the beach experience so much I’m going to try my best to replace the expression “The best thing since sliced bread” to the “The best thing since showers at the beach”

  2. I think so, but those structures/ramps are all temporary, until the dunes are build. Then they will extend over the dunes with some pop-outs with shade and additional seating.

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