You voted for Safety Over Beauty [Bicycles on the Boardwalk]


Two weeks ago, I asked you great seabythecity readers to vote on what you’d like to see on the boardwalk with regard to bike lanes (read – For the bike lane on the new boardwalk, do you want lines, stencils, signs or nothing? [TAKE THE POLL!]While many agreed the new boardwalk looks beautiful the way it is, safety won by a large margin. As of today, 515 people voted (ok, how many of you voted twice??), 264 of you voted for Painted Bike Lanes with Stencils, and commented how signs should be incorporated as well. Like I wrote in the original post, this poll was primarily for fun. I have no idea what the city has in mind, but I am assuming lanes, stencils and signs will be part of the big picture.

I actually voted DO NOTHING, because I got all caught up with the boardwalk beauty, but riding on the boardwalk right now is the the wild west – anything goes. With no lanes, it’s a dangerous situation. Be careful, because many folks are clueless to our Long Beach-boardwalk rules. I actually watched this one lady yell at her family how they are walking on the bike lane – she was standing directly in the middle with her arms wide apart.

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7 thoughts on “You voted for Safety Over Beauty [Bicycles on the Boardwalk]”

  1. Is it just me or did they make the boardwalk lane MUCH less wide than it used to be?? You can barely fit three bikes in a row — if you have two people riding together on each side in the opposite direction, you have no choice but to go into the walkers area…lines or no lines, the width of the new bike lane is going to force people to have to ride outside of it

  2. Do nothing. Install signs regarding the bike lane. The boardwalk is to beautiful to ruin with paint. BTW. what about a smoking ban…that’s just as important. Why don’t you poll the readers on smoking?

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