Long Beach Lions and Magnolia Park Mural Treasures [Photos by Robin Cembalest of ARTnews]


Robin Cembalest, executive editor of ARTnews and director of the Gallery Club for Cre8tive YouTH*ink was kind enough to share some Long Beach-related posts from her tumblr: Let My People Show.

The Pride of Long Beach, New York: Lions, Lions, Lions questions the mystery of the Long Beach lions; Why are there so many and how did they get here in the first place? Robin adds, “I am really obsessed with the lions, as you will see if you check the Instagram. If any of your readers have lore about the origins of the tradition I would love to hear it!”

I would love to hear it too! If you have any info, please chime in! See The Pride of Long Beach, New York: Lions, Lions, Lions  & #longbeachlions on instagram.

Hidden City Under Long Beach Boardwalk outlines a brief history of local artists Alan and Liz Nafte’s mural masterpiece, which was created during the Magnolia Park rebuild this past May (my hand prints are on there!). Lots of detail and hidden treasures are capture in Robin’s photos as well. Check it out on tumblr: Hidden City Under Long Beach Boardwalk.