How do you feel about Skateboards and/or Rollerblades on the boardwalk? [POLL]

Many of you, I’m sure, have noticed other forms of transportation on the boardwalk these days besides bicycles. No, I don’t mean trucks (haven’t seen one on there yet), I’m talking about skateboards and rollerblades (roller skates, for those who remember life before the 90’s). Both of these fun activities were difficult to achieve on the old boardwalk due to its warped and splintery nature. I don’t even think they were allowed, to be honest. Well, so far this new and improved boardwalk has been like the wild west: While idiots are walking in the bike lane, skateboarders & rollerbladers take advantage of its smooooooooth surface.

We already did a poll about the eventual bike lane situation (I am sure something is coming once  the boardwalk is all built). This time I’m wondering what you folks thought about the skateboards and rollerblades. Again, please note: this is purely for fun. The results of this poll isn’t going to decide what the city does (leave all that up to insurance…).

On the boardwalk, I want
Bicycles only (and no trucks)
Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Skateboards (and no trucks)
Bicycles & Rollerblades (and no trucks)
None of the above, because I don’t want anybody to have fun (but still no trucks)

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16 thoughts on “How do you feel about Skateboards and/or Rollerblades on the boardwalk? [POLL]”

  1. I fail to see how a person who weighs, let’s say 180 pounds, on a 20 pound bike going 12 mph is more dangerous or poses more harm to a dazed, wandering pedestrian than that same person going 6 mph on rollerblades. Sure, I’m making numbers up here, but I think it’s safe to say that cyclists will, on average, travel faster and with massive equipment, than someone on rollerskates/blades. Not to mention I’m betting someone on a skateboard can probably stop much quicker than someone on a bicycle.

    The only concern I can think of is that their harder wheels of rollerblades and skateboards might result in more wear and tear on the wood. Then again, I’m sure that cops in cars/trucks and fat people also produce more wear and tear, but we’ve heard that cops on foot are useless in dealing with all the crime we have (that was sarcasm) and I don’t think people would like to be weighed in before they’re allowed on the boardwalk (slightly less sarcasm there).

  2. If it’s not damaging the boardwalk, I have no problem with skateboarders (as long as they’re not rail grinding or anything). Prefer those over the Deco Bike!

  3. Now that I have stopped giggling over Brian’s post, I am inclined to put everything on wheels, except baby strollers (and trucks) in the same lane and let them figure it out. As one of those occasionally dazed, wandering people, I have always thought the bike lane in the center a poor idea, but have no alternative suggestion. I can see the downside of placing it on either side too. We just all need to be aware that there are others who may not know the protocol or who can’t move quickly and be considerate. Racing along on the boardwalk when it is crowded is just not acceptable regardless of your mode. Play nice!

  4. There is and will be ZERO proof that skateboarding, rollerblading, stroller pushing, wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs and Segways (yes i’ve seen one on the boardwalk) will be more dangerous than the individuals who ride their bikes at 15+ mph thinking they are competing in the Tour De France.

    If you’re an old curmudgeon (or young) reading these posts worried about safety, based on 0 knowledge, go back to your house or apartment please. You’re wrong and don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I live directly across from the boardwalk and couldn’t be more upset to see the VEHICLES of the individuals who participated in the JUNK, i mean Craft fair, were allowed to drive their VEHICLES on the boardwalk. $40mm – WTF is the local government allowing cars to EVER drive on the boardwalk.

  5. It has to be all allowed or none allowed, otherwise it is basically age discrimination against the younger residents of the town. Personally, I think it should be ALL. BTW, I am 50 yrs. old

  6. Skateboarders never travel In a straight line like a bicycle rider making it impossible to judge their decision making. Skateboard obviously wear the boardwalk own with their hard wheels. The signs posted say NO skateboards or rollerblading so the rules have been established.

  7. Skateboards are used on wooden ramps all the time. Many skateparks are made of plywood and birch. Accidents can happen on a bike ,scooter, skateboard or rollerblades. Better ban everything. It’s hard to predict if someone will hit you or not.

  8. Cruiser skateboards only (big wheels, longer, which are used to get around). Not the regular kind, which are for hanging around and doing tricks. It will attract large groups for kids hanging out getting in everyone’s way. This comment is coming from someone that has skateboarded for years in Long Beach.

  9. I agree with you Bill. Wait till the first guy, who’s standing well clear of the middle bike/skate lane, gets hit in the gonards with a wayward skateboard trick gone wrong. And similar to you, I used to skate all the time back in the day. It would have annoyed me for sure to be banned from the boardwalk, but I’d get over it and find somewhere else to go (like the skatepark)

  10. whats everyones issue with deco bikes? they bring people, popularity, tourism, and money to our town and restaurants. so you have to deal with a hipster or two. is it really such a big deal? its not like we have the same complaint as residents of the west village who have their neighborhood taken over by these bikes.

  11. Flat Out, It’s the $#(*( Headlights!!!! We had/have a well lit boardwalk. I don’t need a blinding headlight glaring directly in my eyes from the wacky deco bike lights. I believe that on the deco bikes, there is no option to turn the lights off, so when there is more than enough lighting, these lights Annoy the HECK Out of me. I guess they’re nice on the back streets…but even there, there’s still decent lighting… My point is The headlights are obnoxious on our Parks/ Boardwalk!

  12. wait, so we should ban the bikes because of the headlights? i agree they are whacky to get used to, but they’re not that bad. ok what if we were told the bikes had no more headlights? also tell any old people with headlights to turn them off too. im waiting for someone to claim they are dangerous on the side streets, although i don’t recall one incident ever. all i see is a community boost. oh ps, too late. they are back 2014.

  13. Agree with Sensei. The only problem with those bikes are the headlights. I want a nice ride or stroll on the boards at night and I’m blinded. Maybe I have sensitive eyes.

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