Long Beach City Map & Guide

Check out The New Long Beach Brochure. Pretty interesting concept, but  it all depends on where they are distributed (cough…cough.. LIRR cough..couch…). I love maps, so I appreciate this. Much need too. Hopefully it gets visitors to stay longer and spend money here.

What can be added in the future that will enhance the visitor experience? Let me guess: none of you want visitor experience to be enhanced, right? HA. Either way, It looks like these guides will be distributed frequently based on the UPCOMING EVENTS portion. Check it out:  City of Long Beach Website: Introducing the NEW Long Beach City Map & Guide!)

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5 thoughts on “Long Beach City Map & Guide”

  1. I never knew we had chair and umbrella rentals!!?? Who provides this service?
    Also, I guess if we ever get back the Decobikes that would be something they could add to the map. Maybe they could add “Boardwak Rules” too.
    On another note-I understand they are trying to promote tourism but shouldn’t this have come out like 5 months ago?

  2. There was a Summer LB City Map & Guide. I saw it a bunch of times, particularly around the LIRR.
    This current one is for Fall. The beach chairs and umbrellas for rent have been there for a couple years, I think. I’m guessing about 3-4 years? Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  3. I must admit– those chairs and umbrellas look pretty fancy– But I don’t think I’ve EVER seen them on the beach- Thanks for the info @ box– Learn something new everyday!

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