REPORT: Jimmy Hennessy’s Popular Blog on the LB Patch is Allegedly Done (or is it just a glitch?) Developing….

Secret Long Beach Elves are telling me that the popular LB Patch blog “Jimmy Hennessy’s Blog” has allegedly gone dark. Jimmy Hennessy’s user account also appears to be down. Clicking his name gives you the following image:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.47.06 PM

Jimmy Hennessy tagged his popular blog as ‘Hennessy’s thoughts and ruminations on LB government and politics,’ but it was known to be slanted against the Long Beach Democrats. Hennessy is a  supporter of the Long Beach Republican Party, who recently launched a website for the upcoming election:

It’s unclear whether the blog is down for good or if it’s just a glitch, but it’s pretty big news, since Hennessy wrote countless articles slamming the LB Democrats on pretty much everything they did. Elections are coming, so it’s weird to not see it active.

I am trying to contact Jimmy Hennessy for a comment, but do not know how to reach him. If the blog does come back, please let me know so I can update this story.





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40 thoughts on “REPORT: Jimmy Hennessy’s Popular Blog on the LB Patch is Allegedly Done (or is it just a glitch?) Developing….”

  1. Hennessy was called the Official Spokesperson for the Long Beach Republican Party in recent news sources where he was quoted in articles, including Newsday and “The Patch”.

  2. Long Beach Republicans, who have one seat on the five-member City Council, said the Democratic administration has relied too heavily on borrowing for the city’s fiscal troubles to be over, said Jim Hennessy, a Republican spokesman. The city has $42 million in outstanding debt, according to a recent Moody’s report.

    “This administration is not fooling anyone with their smoke-and-mirror public relations,” Hennessy said.
    He added that the city faces a “serious taxpayer crisis” because of its reliance on debt.

  3. The republican spokesman was suspended from the patch for spreading lies (& hate.) Free speech makes this country great, but it should be true when you present it is fact. Opinions are fine when described as so. Distorting facts is not honorable or good journalism. As a proud Republican I am thankful to the patch for finally clipping his wings. Political discourse is healthy, what he does is not.

  4. Hennessy wasn’t “suspended” by Patch, which “suspends” no one. If his essays were lies, why did nobody, over the course of eight months, dispute any of his facts?

    He documented all of his accusations with .pdf files he obtained through Freedom of Information requests from the City and posted them there for everyone to see.

    But I suppose anyone who disagrees with the Democrats, in your book, is guilty of “hate”. And what law does that break? I hate that the Democrats raised my taxes 52% by hiring 25 of their political hacks. I hate that the City Engineer was replaced with a high school dropout with no engineering experience. I hate that the Comptroller was fired and replaced with a guy with no accounting knowledge. I hate that the Democrats increased spending 18% and increased our debt SIX-fold.

    So call the FBI and have me arrested for “hate”. Sorry for offending your sensibilities. If Mommy wasn’t paying your taxes you might hate what these people are doing to your family and home too.

  5. Sandy, you said:

    “Hennessy wasn’t “suspended” by Patch, which “suspends” no one.”

    You are correct, Sandy. He did not get suspended – he got kicked off.

    Sandy, you also said:
    “If his essays were lies, why did nobody, over the course of eight months, dispute any of his facts?”

    The truth:
    His distortions and lies (the things you like to call “facts”) were disputed continuously. In fact, it was the buildup of his bullshit that made the Editor throw his hands in the air and now ANYTHING related to James Hennessy goes directly to the new Regional Manager. You do not see what goes on behind scenes but I do (lucky me) and there were plenty of complaints directly to the Patch concerning his false and/or questionable truths.

    “I hate that the Comptroller was fired and replaced with a guy with no accounting knowledge.” OK, seriously did you miss the whole financial shit-show that the previous Comptroller was too incompetant to oversee? Between the open cash boxes and a free-for-all with no questions (receipts) asked and her knowing what was coming but doing nothing to alert the proper authority’s- yeah, don’t even try to defend her. She is part of the whole fucking mess.

  6. Something stinks about Mr. Hennessy’s twitter feed as well. Just as Much as I detest Kim Kardashian, Why do people even follow Mr. Hennessy’s twitter feed? (BTW, He Follows Kim Kardashian!) I’m sure someone who has ties to Mr. Hennessy will defend Mr. Hennessy’s Twitter follows with great fervor and predictable reverence.

  7. to be fair, much of the tax increase can be attributable to the fact that the debt was kicked down the road by the previous administration. Taxes were kept artificially low by spending the surplus during this same period.

  8. you mean something like this quote from Mr. Hennessy from the 4/12 LI Press expose on LB?:

    “We should be proud of what we did,” Hennessy says. “We didn’t turn to the taxpayer in these difficult times. We put this devastation off for a couple of years. Now it’s time to pay the piper.”

  9. I don’t expect any but the Democrats to get much support here. Most of your probably don’t own real estate or realize that taxes make up 75% of your rent. The rest probably have Mommy pay the taxes for the basement they live in. So you like the Democrats because they promise 15 MPH speed limits, free volley ball and lots of legal pot (yeah!). But one day, I warn you, the Democrats’ tax increases, spending increases and borrowing is going to bite you in the ass and you’ll end up with the hipsters in Rockaway’s Beach 90th Street. And you may not even have to move to find it.

  10. ugh… don’t know why I am bothering, but….. The only way we will have lower taxes and lower cost of living in NY is if we 1) bring in Tort Reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits. and 2) to revamp our entire tax assessment system. It’s a joke and a mess. Your taxes are raised. You file a grievance. They accept it and have to borrow money to pay you back. Because they borrow money, they need more taxes. It’s a never ending cycle.

    Both of those make lawyers very rich. Since they make the laws, they are not going to change anytime soon, so we are forever screwed on Long Island. the Rep vs Dem argument is silly.
    Oh and yes, I own my house.

    a Hipster is just a current trend. It will go out the same way as punks, goths, hippies & doo woos.

  11. I wouldn’t say that lawyers and lawsuits aren’t part of the problem, but for sure they aren’t even close to most of it, (except to the extent that governmental officials tend to be lawyers). Tort reform would have a miniscule impact on the economy, and would hurt people seriously injured due to someone else’s fault. It is not a perfect system, but there already are checks in place which make sure that it is not corrupt.

  12. Hi Anna, I’m generalizing, like what Sandy did. I realize not all lawyers are part of the problem. Was just in a bad mood when I posted that. As far as tort reform, I see your point, but if you have a real case, you go for it. right now it’s very easy for somebody to “slip and fall” or “spill hot coffee on their lap” sue and make money. Other countries like England don’t have this problem. All these cases end up being settled – this has direct impact on our insurance and complicates our insurance system even more. Who wants to be bothered with a complicated insurance system? not me! But what does a doo woo like me know anyways 🙂 I can’t even spell correctly.

  13. Anthony : Could you elaborate on your proposals for tort reform?
    What are the details of what you think can be done to eliminate frivolous lawsuits?

  14. If you sue somebody and win, you win. If you lose, you have to pay the defendants legal fees. That is how it’s done in other countries. Not in America. They made it easy for people to sue for everything with no consequence. That is why you see those 1800 Lawyer commercials. They will represent you for free because they know it’s just going to be a settlement in the end.

  15. Your position and it’s opposite , limited costs to the loser, have been debated since the inception of the republic. Your position has much merit but the consensus in the courts of all of the states and the federal system is that this would stifle ready access to the judicial system and deter those of limited means from taking on wealthy and powerful adversaries.
    There’s no perfect system.

  16. Lawsuits and tax reform will fix our problem? That might help, but minimally. How about stop spending so damn much? Hmmmm. And, I agree Dem/Rep are made from the same cloth.

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