Superblock Rumors Are Heating Up [November?]

This past week I received several messages regarding the Superblock. One rumor has two 15-story buildings going up with groundbreaking this November. Another person sent the photos below and added “they have been drilling.”  That person also heard something is going to happen this November.

So what goes? Are we just desperate for any superblock information or is something really happening? I haven’t heard anything or saw anything on the zoning calendar, but surely SOMEBODY knows something, right? Or are we all being conned?

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15 thoughts on “Superblock Rumors Are Heating Up [November?]”

  1. Natural gas fracking has come to LB! Seriously though, wouldn’t it be better if let’s say one or two narrow but tall (20+ story) buildings are built here so that we can save the grounds for special event (not just volleyball) parking when an influx of a 1000 people can drive in, spend $$$, then easily leave? Give a developer air rights and they will build it as tall as economically possible but the condition is they must gift the difference in land to city parking.

  2. I dont think it was drill testing. They were hammering as early as 630 am! In some spots, pipes were placed into the ground. Possible contamination testing from Mt. Sandy?????

  3. Why doesn’t the City Council tell us that building is about to begin there, which it is? I thought this Democratic administration was going to be so transparent?

    You can ask at the City Council meeting — oh wait — they abolished the question period at the Council meetings. Oh maybe SeabytheCity could ask. But then they would have to admit that their coveted socialist Democrats were being rodents.

    So I’ll tell you, yes folks — you will be getting two 15-story buildings. Depending on the real estate market (and on who gets elected in November) they will be condos or Section 8 welfare buildings like you see in Far Rockaway.

  4. I have called every number listed on the City of Long Beach’s website for 2 days. Every single line, every department, rang with no answer or voicemail. What a joke!!

  5. I went to the “Rebuilding NY” symposium yesterday, (i proposed project btw) I was on the tour the tour guide from sustainable Long Island in fact said that the superblock was in a dispute with the city, and that’s over now, and (her words) “she thinks they’re building two 15 story buildings and multi purpose space.”

  6. These two blocks have been like this for 30 years!. 30 years! Until there are actual structure standing there, completely built, I won’t believe a thing……

  7. After you (if this is the person who sat next to me) told me this I asked CM Schnirman directly and he was completely baffled. It simply is incorrect. They are not building two building or constructing anything there right now. You either heard her wrong or her wording confused you.

  8. Hahaha, Box, I am certain of what I heard. The tour guide was giving a dog an pony show of Long beach, had to talk over her several times, because her Information about the meadowbrook pkway being the bridge that connected the eastern point of the island,which is false, the loop parkway in fact connects is to the meadowbrook. she also made claims about other plots of land use (like the hospital, and the ldo towers) were you on the Bus? I’m just sad because i see what she said was contrived to appeal to a sympathetic element of the symposium, instead of providing actual accountable facts.

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