A Reader-Submitted Dog Park Proposal

Below is a Dog Park proposal submitted by a reader named Pete Donahue. This isn’t something that is actually happening, as Pete tells me “Crazy, I know (and I don’t even own a dog!) but something to dream…”



Hi Seabythecity,

I have a crazy idea for Long Beach I’m wondering if you’d be interested posting on your blog.

Every time I pass those islands in between Park Ave’s east & west bound lanes, I always marvel at how wasted that space is. They have benches (for what? to wait for the light to change?) and some random chess tables (have you ever seen anyone playing chess there?).

I’m proposing turning one of the islands on Park Avenue between Franklin and Neptune into a dog park. This would coincide with the existing underutilized parking lot that is there already off Neptune [see map image below].

Granted, Long Beach has a dog park already but it’s very small and made of sand. This would be much larger and I think more enjoyable for dog owners. The park would require a fence obviously and also be surrounded with those heavy-duty traffic pillars to prevent wayward cars from careening through the fence at any given moment.

Yeah, so like I said it’s an uber long shot and I’m sure people will have a laundry list of why it shouldn’t happen (mainly the safety issue of the cars wizzing by, and the town having about a million more things on it’s plate than putting money towards a dog park when one already exist,to name a few) HOWEVER, I imagine the dog lovers will dig it (particularly the east end ones!)

I’ve attached some photos to help demonstrate my idea.

Pete Donahue

DogPark DogParkOverhead

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18 thoughts on “A Reader-Submitted Dog Park Proposal”

  1. Sounds like a good idea. I’d think that high fences to take care of breeds that can really jump would be a must. There was a de facto dog park on an unused lot near my building (south) for the past few years. This spring they paved it over, but I have yet to see a single car park there. As someone who doesn’t have a dog, I think it would be a nice idea and a good use of space that isn’t really taken advantage of. Who sits on Park Avenue to listen to cars and inhale exhaust fumes?

  2. “Granted, Long Beach has a dog park already but it’s very small and made of sand.” Where is this dog park in Long Beach? The only one I know of is at Nickerson Beach. I agree that Long Beach seriously needs a dog park. I don’t have a dog myself, but I do have friends who have them and I occasionally watch my parents’ dog. When I do, I feel very sad that I can only walk her on the streets when there’s a beautiful beach across the street that she would LOVE to run and play on. With all the beachfront we have, can’t we spare a little section for dogs to enjoy?

  3. I also think it’s a great use of this space. The engineering firm who prepared the Comprehensive Plan for Long Beach in 2007 recommended a dog run in “one of the wider green malls located on the north/south Boulevards throughout the city”. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this document. For anyone who’d like to review the Comprehensive Plan you can find it on the city web site: http://www.longbeachny.org. The Dog Run reference appears in Plan Proposals section III page 38.

  4. I think it is a great idea! I am not a dog owner myself presently, but if I were I would even be willing to pay a small annual fee towards the upkeep. In fact, I think several of these on the boulevards might be a huge step toward eliminating the ongoing problem of owners who allow their dogs all over private property and refuse to clean up after them wherever they relieve themselves.

  5. I wanted a community garden to be put on one of the malls near the Walks since most Walks residents don’t have yards to make vegetable gardens. Sadly coalition said no. Hopefully this council is more open to using the malls for new ideas.

  6. This is a great idea, the only place with any grass that a dog used to be able to go on was the bus turnaround on Nevada that they paved over. There is a plaque there to commemorate the beautification from 1971 that should have ripped up when they paved it. I would love this idea hopefully someone runs with it.

  7. I think the best idea for the city is to clean up the weed garden that the superblock is becoming and turn that into half dog park, half public park. I am hoping that the story about the two 15 story buildings isn’t true. The city does not have one nice clean park with grass, why not the superblock? Easy beach access, food trucks, bathrooms…..perfect location!!

  8. Amazing how much empty parking there is around us all owned by the same guys. I couldn’t believe they paved a new unused lot over our “dog park”. I keep waiting for them to utilize all this empty parking space.

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