Having a Whale of a time in Long Beach [Whale Sightings!]

Yesterday there were a bunch of whales off the coast of our city by the sea. I also heard there were dolphins, but didn’t see them. I managed to take a few phone photos, but as you can see, they aren’t that great. These were taken near Riverside by the Crossfit Flex on the Beach event. Does anybody have some better shots they can share with us?


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4 thoughts on “Having a Whale of a time in Long Beach [Whale Sightings!]”

  1. About 10 years ago a pod of whales went by from east to west just off the end of the jetties.
    Dolphins have been back for a few years now. Almost in the surfing lineup.

  2. yeah I’ve seen whales and dolphins here before, just didn’t see the dolphins this weekend. I love how they are all around though.. I can never get tired of looking at them and it brings so much excitement to the beach.

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