TV ALERT: Sugo Cafe will be on Food Network this Wednesday


Set your DVRs, Sugo Cafe (62 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY) will be on the Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout this Wednesday night. Here is the show synopsis:

Episode RI0402H: Your Mom’s Gotta Go

Willie is called in by Alan, owner of Sugo Cafe, a family-run business in Long Beach, N.Y. For the past six years, Alan, a total control freak, has devoted every waking moment to his struggling restaurant at the cost of spending time with his wife and watching his kids grow up. Desperate to spend time with his loved ones, Alan has staffed Sugo with family and friends, but immediately discovers that business and family do no mix and, in fact, could be the recipe for disaster at the cafe (Read more at:

I have never seen the show before, but I heard they hire actors to come in and be pains-in-the-ass costumers. They capture all this with hidden cameras. Should be fun!

(Special thanks to Joe for sending me this link!)


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12 thoughts on “TV ALERT: Sugo Cafe will be on Food Network this Wednesday”

  1. I also agree that this is the best restaurant in LB. That is why I cant understand why they would do this show?! I have seen it and I have never wanted to go to any of the restaurants that appear on this show. Bad business move in my opinion.

  2. I’ve eaten at Sugo over the past two years while in town on business. I’ve found that the food and service is “much” better when Alan is in the restaurant. When is he out – the service goes in the toilet. Get rid of the family/friends.

  3. I agree, jpk. I love this restaurant but this show does NOT make me want to go anywhere it has featured. The restaurants on the show look like mediocre dumps that I would never imagine having excellent food. I don’t think it’s a good idea— but wish Alan/Sugo the best…

  4. I went there about 3 months ago. Alan waited on us. I stated I was gluten-free and Alan said that the chicken stuffed with mushroom was gluten-free.

    Wrong. I started eating and found the mushroom stuffing was actually stuffing. By the time I got a waiter over to check with the kitchen, Alan comes back saying that there is breading in it but “only a little”, as if that were OK to eat and that I wouldn’t have excruciating pains or be shitting my brains out. MY BF is done eating, my chicken goes back and returns void of any seasoning on top of the original accompaniments that were now limp and overly microwaved. It really fucked up an anniversary. Thanks.

  5. When the fat chef brought “Chopped” into the picture, that started the “starstruck” mentality.

    People forget they need to supply their customer with a good product first.

    When they fired Goldgell, I thought that was a good move, but they appear to have caught the “five minutes of Fame” bug……

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