4 thoughts on “The 11th Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival [Sept 19th – 22]”

  1. is this that festival that nobody knows about because its so random that its in a library and it would be so much better if it were in a venue that was more enticing? I kid. i kid. im just saying, ive never been, and im not sure if this is geared for 70 and older, but it just aint that exciting for me to turn to the wifey and say hey babe, wanna go to the library? I mean. do they serve cocktails? forget it, even if they did, its weird im in the library.

  2. good idea. im gonna email em. Long beach hotel (aka allegria light) is a great venue. the back room is very set up for multimedia and bands. here are the other venues for people who feel weird about going to a library


    Thursday, Sept. 19-8:00pm–Allegria Hotel–Mike Lewis and Friends

    Thursday, Sept. 19 -8:00pm-The Cabana-Kerry Kearney Group

    Friday, Sept. 20-9:30pm–Lola’s–Lloyd Haber Group

    Saturday, Sept. 21-7:00pm-LB Historical Society-Bobby Blues

    Saturday, Sept. 21–7:00pm-dinner set -Sugo’s-Steve Adelson duo

    Saturday, Sept. 21-9:30pm-Sutton Place-Dean Brown Band (Primo)

    Saturday, Sept. 21–10:00pm- Lola’s –Mike Barnett group

    Sunday, Sept22–7:00pm-Long Beach Hotel -LBJF All Star Jam SPECIAL CLOSING PARTY

  3. Long Beach Hotel did a great job with audio visual for a screening of The Heart and the Sea last night. They projected the movie on two walls and had a bank of tvs set up to screen it as well. It just looked cool. I am not doing it justice here. Trailer for teh movie is here: http://vimeo.com/49951982

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