The King Is Dead, Long Live The King! [Pharmacy Shuffle]

pharmacy3Kings Pharmacy in the East End is done. That, we all know. In an attempt to get people to go to the Waldbaums shopping center, Rite Aid (23 E Park Ave, Long Beach, NY) bought out their perceptions. Will folks in the East End Bite?

Enter Precision Pharmacy, who will be taking over the former- Guy & Co. Hair Salon (closed, after 45 years…), a few doors down from the former-Kings.  It’s a smaller space, but probably good enough to serve those east of Long Beach Blvd.

With this new pharmacy coming in to a new location, that leaves us with a giant vacant store. What can possibly take over the former-Kings? A pharmacy and grocery store are out of the question. A restaurant? Is it too big? A diner or Cafe? Perhaps we can be so lucky and convince Paninis and Bikinis to open in a second location (one can dream).

Would would you want in this space? Me thinks it will stay vacant for a looooooooooong time.


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18 thoughts on “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King! [Pharmacy Shuffle]”

  1. how about a nail salon, sports bar or a cell phone store……I had a biz in town and from my perspective that all that can make it here….I am being sarcastic about my suggestions….That space needs to be cut up into four spaces as well as completely renovated……I would like an intimate lounge like place for us canal folk. you know listen to a local band, have a drink and be able to walk home hopefully in a straightish line.

  2. A nice wine & tapas bar would be great, & it wouldn’t take away business from the bungalow, east end pizza or Geri’s. An upscale nail salon would also be great. A self serve frozen yogurt place would be nice too, miss TCBY.

  3. That space was two stores not all that long ago. Maybe 15 years? It was the original Kings Pharmacy and a deli, so dividing it again should be a no brainer….the doors are even there. Nice as the pharmacy staff at Rite Aid are, I do think I would support Precision Pharmacy if they participate with my insurance and have competitive prices on other items because I like to try to give my business to the local owners if possible. That is assuming they deliver.

  4. It will stay vacant or become something that will add nothing to the diversity or quality of life in Long Beach.

    Predictions: sports bar, another Subway, a frozen yogurt shop, a pizza place, or someone might actually try and open another pharmacy.

  5. an upscale lounge. a place where we can dress up for the evening. Im on the east end – would love something local where i dont have to move my car and drive.

  6. Totally agree about divinding it into two spots – would love a brunch spot like JoJo Apples in Pt Lookout, a coffee store like Gentle Brew, a high end/unique toy store for kids, a quaint bakery, and/or a butcher shop like Sorrentos before it expanded.

  7. How about a “Center for the Underserved” like the other Democratic villages have. They’re in Freeport, Roosevelt, Glen Cove, Mastic and Far Rockaway. They help the most vulnerable obtain food stamps, free telephone, Section 8 vouchers, methadone maintenance and Democratic voter registration. They provide office space to other team-oriented groups like Sustainable Long Island, Acorn, and Project Hope.

    Some even serve as 16-hour day care centers and crisis mediation facilities.

    Long Beach East End needs a Center for the Underserved now! Such a center will assure votes for the Long Beach political party!

  8. Long Beach Democrats are now taxing us for their new patronage-laden “Long Beach Economic Development Corp”.

    How about them taking a little risk, or making the sacrifice by offering some tax breaks for these start-out businesses? After all, the taxes on a store like this are about $5,000 per month. That’s the only reason it’s vacant.

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