Somebody PLEEASE Put A Lighthouse In The Middle Of Town!!!!!!!

I want a lighthouse in the middle of Long Beach. One that’s similar to the lovely Liberty Lighthouse in Oceanside. We can call it The Lighthouse of Hope, or some bullshit like that. Anything! We will make something up. Dedicate it to the people of Long Beach and call it a day.

Those medians on Park Avenue are BOOOOORING!  They need more art and conversation pieces. Anything would be a big improvement over the sign-litter, benches and broken memorial gardens they house today. Take a look at the image below; that lighthouse looks so natural next to the anchor, right? Of course, our ‘Lighthouse of Hope’ doesn’t have to look exactly what’s in the image. I would accept other designs as well. I am a big fan of the candy cane motif, but polka dots work too. As long as it’s not cowmooflage.

In all seriousness, I just feel like the medians of Park Avenue are too flat. There needs to be some height. So how can we make this happen? Should we place a lighthouse collection jar somewhere around town? Does anybody even know who sells these things anyway? Discuss.

(Special thanks to Pete Donahue for the photoshop)


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7 thoughts on “Somebody PLEEASE Put A Lighthouse In The Middle Of Town!!!!!!!”

  1. just what the drivers in this town need, more distractions! between pot holes and old people randomly crossing, driving in LB has become a video game. maybe a windmill and a clown head would round out the experience!

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