Destination LI is coming to Long Beach! [A community-driven ‘crowdsourced placemaking” program]

destinationLI2Ever think yourself, “Long Beach really needs a [insert dream]” or “A [insert dream] would work so well here.” (I know I sure have…) Well, now is your chance to turn those dreams into a reality! The non-profit group Destination LI will be bringing a community-driven ‘crowdsourced placemaking” program to Long Beach very soon. This is where you, the dreamer, can pitch your ideas and possibly see them come true!

Destination LI brings a unique approach to areas seeking revitalization. Rather than some big developer coming in and dictating what’s going to happen, it’s up to us the residents to decide. You can pitch any idea you want: from a certain type of restaurant you feel Long Beach is lacking, to public art or even an event you’d love to see here.  You will submit your ideas on either the soon-to-be-announced Long Beach-inspired website, or at an actual soon-to-be-announced location (for those who don’t want to use the internet.)

For more information on what Destination LI is about, check out their website @ I will post the Long Beach-related link as soon as it’s formally introduced, so please check back to seabythecity for that. I have been working with an amazing group of Long Beach residents who are involved. Many awesome ideas have already been discussed and soon, yours will be part of the mix. In the meantime, read the press release below on how this all happened.


Press Release:  (Source – Baldwin, Long Beach Top 100 ‘Likes’ in seeking destination investment)

Baldwin, Long Beach Top 100 ‘Likes’ in seeking destination investment

Baldwin and Long Beach recently topped “100 likes” at the Destination LI (DLI) web site ( to determine which communities on Long Island have the strongest market demand for triple-bottom-line destination investment.

Triple-bottom-line investment is development that brings social, economic and environmental benefits to a community. Destination LI is a nonprofit looking to encourage this approach to revitalizing Long Island’s various downtowns using a community-driven ‘crowdsourced placemaking” program and growing an innovation economy comprised of entrepreneurs, small businesses and the creative, high tech and healthcare industries.

By reaching 100 Likes, Baldwin and Long Beach each earned a DLI feasibility analysis to determine how ready their local residents, civic and business leaders are in supporting triple-bottom-line destination investment in their community. In fact, both communities reached 100 Likes within a 24-hour local campaigning effort, largely because they already had a community group with the same shared values and vision. A feasibility team consisting of DLI board members, advisors and consultants are meeting with representatives from those areas to complete the feasibility analysis. Learn more about the seven-step process here.

DLI is sponsoring the first three feasibility studies, of which the first two have obviously been spoken for, and is seeking sponsors for any subsequent ones. That’s one remaining spot for a community to take advantage of right now!

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11 thoughts on “Destination LI is coming to Long Beach! [A community-driven ‘crowdsourced placemaking” program]”

  1. Yes, it will be.
    We have to make it happen.
    Ive been waiting for crowdsourced placemaking for ever so long. We will all “be living the dream”. I never thought I would see the day.

  2. I’ve never heard of Destination LI beffore. After checking Destination LI’s website I still don’t really understand what they actually do. A lot of the website’s links do not work. Can someone familiar with them please explain. Also what assets and resources do they have in order to affect change?

  3. I’m thinking “drum circle” but nothing is happening except I cant sleep with all the pounding. It’s something in the water here in LB I think.

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