Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise] UPDATED!

UPDATE: I saw a LBPD Smart Car on the boardwalk last night. Ok, that was pretty cool. Definitely the way to go, since those are light as a feather. I am hoping that the truck was just a fluke because there really hasn’t been other sightings of them up there since the  new boardwalk was built.


I’m singing that song again……About two weeks ago I retweeted a photo of a city truck riding on our brand new $44,000,000.00 boardwalk. What was a truck doing on our $44,000,000.00 boardwalk? I have no idea! I just know it was there.

Elections are coming in about a month. Can we please get a commitment from either (or both) parties to promise No More Trucks On the Boardwalk? I think this should be a big issue. We have a new boardwalk. It’s time to start anew. Erase past laziness. Erase the way things “get done around here.” Let’s do something better!  I kept hearing how we have lighter alternative vehicles. Why aren’t we using them???

What do you folks think? Time to turn this into an election/political issue? The new boardwalk is BEAUTIFUL. I do not want to see it ruined!! Plus it’s kinda dangerous having trucks on there anyways, no?

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(photo credit: @sean516 on September 19th, 2013)


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30 thoughts on “Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise] UPDATED!”

  1. WTF. Stop driving your trucks on the board walk just so you can pick tables up. Get our benches back on them. We didn’t fix it just so you can reck it.

  2. Yeah I agree that trucks should not be up there but I have seen the smart cars and golf cart ranger vehicle up there too. Would suck to have to wait for help during an emergency so small vehicles ok in that case.

  3. UPDATE: I saw a LBPD Smart Car on the boardwalk last night. Ok, that was pretty cool. Definitely the way to go, since those are light as a feather. I am hoping that the truck was just a fluke because there really hasn’t been other sightings of them up there since the new boardwalk was built.

  4. Before you bitch about maintenance vehicles on the boardwalk, why don’t YOU volunteer to maintain the boardwalk without them. Start by seeing how many trash barrels it takes to fill a Smart Car…

  5. Why should he volunteer to do that? I’m pretty sure someone(s) are paid generously to do this job. Perhaps he, like many other residents, feels they have a vested interest in maintaining the $44 million dollar boardwalk. The other one was shot to shit, due in part to trucks being driven on it, sometimes for seemingly no reason. Should we all volunteer when in areas we believe tax dollars are being misused or public facilities destroyed?

  6. not for nothing, but a group of us DID volunteer to do maintainance on the boardwalk prior to the storm. we’d like to not have to resort to that again because lessons from past mistakes were never learned.

  7. If you saw someone smashing a car window to swipe a GPS or other valuable left behind, would you shout “hey, you, stop that!” or keep walking and think “we pay the police department generously to take care of issues like this”?

    If you saw some trash left on sidewalk or street (maybe by some out of town visitor who views all of Long Beach as their dumping ground as they leave for the day), would you pick it up and throw it out or would you keep walking and think “we pay the department of sanitation department/DPW enough to pick up the garbage”?

    If you looked out your window and saw that your neighbor’s house had smoke coming out of the living room window would you run over with your fire extinguisher and ask if they needed help or would you think “we pay the fire department to handle these sorts of things and they get helped out by a whole bunch of volunteers who get all sorts of perks”?

    I guess there are some people who think it falls to everyone to make their community the best it can be and there are other people who think that everything is someone else’s job.

  8. How do you pick up trash?

    1..You put one of the huge fleet of 4 wheel trucks that you used to drive on the boardwalk on the beach.
    2.. You have one man drive the truck on the beach and stop BELOW each trash can. (I know you all can drive, you routinely destroyed the old boardwalk by driving on it).
    3.. (this might be tough as you havent walked on the boardwalk in ages, you ALWAYS DROVE) WALK from can to can on the boardwalk. If you forgot how to walk, its a skill easily relearned.
    4..Stop at each can and remove the trash bag–tie it on the top–Drop the bag into the truck which should be there unless the driver got lost.
    5. Repeat, 1,2,3,4 until all trash cans are emptied.


  9. Let the Police patrol the boardwalk the way they see fit. Those of you that are complaining are probably the same ones that bitch about people speeding down their block but have no problem doing it on someone elses. You are the same people that complain about those terrible out of town individuals making a mess of our town, but yet you count on them to spend their money here. None of our local population ever does anything wrong on the beach/boardwalk/west end do they? Just stop bitching all the time. Its getting old.

  10. Brian, what you’re referring to is one time instances. There’s no shortage of people that have volunteered, self included, to clean up lb; what the poster was suggesting is volunteering to do someone’s full time job in order to keep the trucks off the boardwalk. So in this case, it is someone else’s job.

    Theres a huge difference between taking care of your neighborhood and emptying the trash cans on the beach, of which there is a staff to do that, and cleaning up the beach.

  11. Max: Nobody’s stopping the police from “patrolling as they see fit”. These days they must patrol THE BOARDWALK in a lightweight vehicle. Is that your complaint? Are the police objecting to the lightweight car? I haven’t heard that from any official sources. Are you a policeman? Are you a vigilante objecting on behalf of the police? The rest of your complaint appears to be a tad incoherent. Have you skipped your meds today? Are you a member of the boardwalk repair crew?

  12. Just looked this info up on the internet: The smart car LBPD car that Anthony saw
    on the BW weighs 1808 lbs.

    A 2013 Ford Police Interceptor 4 dr sedan weighs 5700 lbs


    Looks like a home run for the LBPD Smart Car and the new boardwalk!!!

  13. True, it’s possible the response could require a tank. In which case they’d probably drive the tank to the boardwalk and then get out and walk up the ramp. Why not take the tank onto the boardwalk? Because the boardwalk isn’t designed to carry tanks.

    I’m fairly certain if a local store is robbed, the responding officer would park his car on the street and walk in. I doubt the officer would plow throw the cars in the parking lane, run over the pedestrians on the sidewalk, drive right through the storefront and then get out and say “well, I’m here, what kind of problem are you having?”.

    As I’m curious as to the answers to Kayo’s question. I wonder if Anthony ever looks at the IP addresses of those who comment to see where people are posting from.

  14. ZayCon: Re: Ambulances on the BW:

    I worked on the renovation of Grand Central Station some years ago. Grand Central has it’s own FD on RR property. FDNY Responds to emergencies too. The RR has a very compact golf cart made over into a mini ambulance. It has two seats in front for driver and EMT with EMT seat facing rear. In rear is space for 1 litter, and basic first aid equipment, 02, cardio monitor, bandages etc. It has flashing red lights and a siren. I was there for over a year and saw the tiny ambulance used very often.

    The designer of GCS cleverly designed it for 4 vast levels of space connected by ramps, lots of them.
    The station has over 200 tracks, repair facilities etc. It runs from 42nd st to 59th street and from Madison to Lexington avenue, all connected by passageways and ramps.
    most of it underground out of sight.

    By prearrangement, the GCFD rushes the patient to a street location where FDNY meets them and they transfer the patient in seconds. Very professional and a neat sight to see.

    The City of LB can get such an ambulance and make a transfer arrangement with LBFD just like Grand Central has done. A secure small parking space can be made for it it on the BW. It could be manned by VFD or Lifeguard EMT’s. I think it is highly workable. I have seen the LB Lifeguards using a pickup truck on the beach as an ambulance–it worked. Comments?

  15. And to answer your questions, no no no and no. All i am saying is the boardwalk area needs to be patrolled accordingly. If it is going to remain open 24/7 you cannot tie the hands of the Police. It is the only place I know of on Long Island where you go anytime you want and pretty much do whatever you want unless there are cops up there patrolling.

  16. I never saw LB cops on patrol with more than one cop in a car that seats 5 (thats what the Ford I looked up is said to hold). The smart car seats two so there’s room for a second cop if need be. Cops can call for back up from either a smart or dumb car so that issue is a a wash. Backup arrives and walks/runs at most half a block. Arrestee’s can be driven to jail in regular sized car, not the smartie. Remember too LBPD has several 4 wheel drive suv’s that drive in the sand. I see the smart car as adequate to the task and a boon to preserving the BW. Not a big deal if cops had to walk a half block to an incident. Please explain how smart car ties cops hands? If I’m not mistaken, a Sgt has to OK arrests so if someone is arrested, the Sgt arrives in second car, No?

  17. You are mistaken on numerous counts. No police car that I have seen holds five. Maybe you should take a closer look at them. Try to squeeze two cops with all of their equipment into a Smart car. That Id like to see. Walking a half block to an incident is good in theory but not in reality. And to my knowledge a Sgt does not have to OK an arrest made on the street.

  18. My source for the police car seating is the online police car catalogue of The Ford Motor Company. The model I quote is for the Ford Interceptor Sedan. You should be arguing about that with Ford, not me.

    The LBPD has as far as I know one Smart Car and a fleet of marked and unmarked full sized patrol cars, SUV’s and a pickup truck. Probably a few others too. I presume all of the others are available to carry more than two cops if need be. The smartie is perfect for the BW and Ocean View, though it probably falls short in the phallic symbolism department. The cops have those 200 MPH Dodge rockets when that is needed. Why must they squeeze two cops and all their equipment in a two seater when the rest of the fleet is available and almost never has to carry two cops.?????

    Years ago the cops had a guy patrolling the BW with a 2 wheel motor scooter which was almost silent. He would shut off the lights and slowly cruise the boards. I think he caught more perps than any cop I saw. I never could understand why they went from the scooter to the giant 3700 pound monsters. I lived on the BW 30 years–saw a lot.

  19. Kayo really has his undies in a knot over this one! And he doesn’t even know the first thing about what he talking about. The boardwalk was designed and built to handle a fire truck. It has to.

    Not everyone works in a cubicle pushing papers. Sorry, real workers can’t use golf carts to respond to crime and someone dying of a heart attack can’t be carried from a golf cart to an ambulance and workers can’t hoist 200 lb garbage cans over the railing to keep your twinkle ass satisfied.

    Reserve your comments to subjects you know about. Manual labor, emergency response and engineers obviously aren’t your specialties. You are sounding like a Chicken Little — a Fruit.

    Maybe you can call for a boardwalk sit in to object to the environmental damage of large vehicles.

    Grow up.

    If the BW was indeed built to support fire trucks there should be engineering drawings with the engineer’s seal thereon attesting to the fact that that it can support such load’s. To operate heavy vehicles on a boardwalk without such certification is to risk being charged with criminal negligence when there is an accident. Any fire chief ordering his men to drive on the BW without positive proof that such action is safe and certified by a licensed engineer is taking a mighty big risk.

    As I pointed out in earlier posts, Grand central Terminal has used a Golf Cart ambulance successfully for many years. They transfer patients to FDNY ambulance just outside the station doors. LB Lifeguards have employed pickup trucks on the beach to haul stretcher cases for many years.

    If you can read, you will note I said that the worker lifts a garbage BAG over the railing not a “200 pound CAN” When did you weigh the garbage can? When did you lift one?

    The smart car can do nicely as a boardwalk/ Ocean View car though it comes up short as a phallic symbol–you may take a spin in one of the Dodge 200mph rockets if you feel the need.

    THAT BOARDWALK COST $ 45 MILLION. City employees have to get it through their heads that they are killing the goose that lays golden eggs. The above posts show that City employees don’t give a rats ass about the taxpayers. This BW must be protected from the half wits who want to do business as usual.

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