Trucks on the Boardwalk (because you all LOOOOVE this topic)

Regarding: Trucks on the Boardwalk [Reprise], I must defend myself. Over a year ago I blogged about the ‘joyride’ that I witnessed on the old boardwalk. In my article What is a Parking Enforcement SUV doing on the boardwalk?, I wrote:

[Sept 9th, 2012] Tonight (Sunday) at around 7pm there was a navy blue City of Long Beach Parking Enforcement truck cruising the boardwalk between Neptune & Franklin Blvds. Now, I don’t recall illegal parking to ever be an issue on our boardwalk, do you? The driver appeared to be cruising on what was a perfect Sunday night where tons of people were walking, biking and soaking in the salt air. 

That is what I’m complaining about when I say no trucks on the boardwalk. I do believe it’s no longer an issue, for I personally haven’t seen that happen since. Yes, I did post a photo the other day, but I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what that particular situation was about.

Now let’s talk about picking up garbage. You don’t need a giant truck to do that.


Coney Island uses similar vehicles, although I don’t have a photo of their garbage vehicle. Try to picture the GEM vehicle in the photo below with a trailer.


Obviously there are instances when trucks need to be on the boardwalk:

  • Medical Emergencies.
  • When a building is on fire.
  • When light bulbs need to be replaced.
  • When banners need to be hung.
  • When a contractor needs to perform a particular service that requires a truck (like the boardwalk rebuild)… etc.
  • Pretty soon the Long Beach Orthodox Jewish community will be stringing their symbolic Eruv along the boardwalk. That will require a truck.

I am not 100% ant-truck. I know it is very important for the LBPD to patrol the boardwalk. I am not disputing that at all. But, as a reader named Kayo points out in my last article:

Just looked this info up on the internet: The smart car LBPD car that Anthony saw on the BW weighs 1808 lbs. A 2013 Ford Police Interceptor 4 dr sedan weighs 5700 lbs THREE SMART CARS WEIGH LESS THAN ONE FORD POLICE INTERCEPTOR SEDAN. Looks like a home run for the LBPD Smart Car and the new boardwalk!!

O.J.BroncoI personally feel it’s better to have smaller cars on the boardwalk, even with patrolling. The boardwalk is a limited area. You aren’t going to have an OJ Simpson-style high-speed chase on there. You don’t want an OJ Simpson-style high-speed chase on there. Can you imagine if there was? Everybody would be in danger! Smart Cars are fast enough and I do know they maneuver much better than the typical full size police car. So I am glad to see the LBPD patrolling with the Smart Cars, it just seems smart (pun intended).

Going back to the ‘joyride’ that I posted in the beginning of this post: I feel like the city has taken great measures to make sure the leisure driving has ended. Besides the photo from the other day, I’ve neither seen nor heard of any other instance (there is an Arrested Development Joke somewhere in there…).

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  1. since Sandy, I moved from the lower elevated North (Bay) side, to the South (Ocean) side. I live at 25 Franklin Blvd and I fortunately have a view of the current boardwalk project’s efforts. I am not auditing the construction crews, but I’ll genuinely state a promise I can humbly say is true. I have only seen construction trucks at the street level as they construct our new boardwalk. The concrete subsurface, and Ipe wooden surface as been installed over a week ago and only the small smart cars have been seen on the unopened, constructed boardwalk that my eyes have seen.

  2. I agree with buildings on fire as a valid reason for trucks on the boardwalk.

    Medical emergencies can be handled the same way that Metro North RR handles them in Grand Central Station. They have a small Golf Cart type ambulance that carries 2 EMT’s and 1 patient and can reach every part of the vast Grand Central Complex. They deliver the patient to a prearranged with FDNY meeting point and transfer the patient to a regular ambulance. This has worked well for many years. LB can do the same for 3 months every summer. No ambulances need to go on the BW

    Every other function on Anthony’s list can be handled by equipment operating from the beach.
    Light bulb replacement, banner hanging, eruv maintenance. All it takes is selecting contractors with the equipment to do the job. It will require spending money. The BW cost $45,000,000 never forget that.

    No truck’s need to drive on the boardwalk at all to maintain it.

    Heres how you do it.

    1 Buy a box body truck like the ones at the airport that that the caterers use. It has a scissor lift between the truck and the body that lifts the body to any height.

    2 You make gate’s in the BW railing at the street ends. Not a big deal to do. Don’t let City employees do it, use the railing contractor who manufactured it. City workers will ruin it.

    3 You drive the truck to the street end and raise the body to BW deck level. You have all equipment in wheeled construction “gang Boxes” common to the construction industry. You roll the equipment off the truck and on to the BW which are level with each other.

    4 You deliver material the same way.

    5 Workers come and go by 10 passenger van that the city owns already.

    Fleet of personal pickup trucks can be got rid of. They damage the BW and make workers lazy

    There are some places street end can’t be used. And two places it wouldn’t work. At those places you pour a small concrete parking pad in the sand for the lift truck to operate safely. When you buy the truck you buy an all wheel drive one–it can drive on the sand. Truck Chassis’ and bodies are sold separately. There are truck body shops everywhere. It’s not hard to do.

    Remember, the BW cost $45,000,000

  3. The PD can patrol on Bikes the exercise will be good for them; The rest of the maintenace can be done from the Beach with a bucket truck. Fire Engines have never been on the Boardwalk lines can be stretched up the Boardwalk then charged.Keep the city workers joy riding off the Boardwalk.

  4. The boardwalk and many ramps has been designed and built to handle even fire trucks. You Chicken Littles should find a hobby that you know something about.

  5. Mr Levy: Please give the name of the licensed professional engineer who “designed the boardwalk and many ramps to handle fire trucks.” Approved drawings with the PE’s stamp thereon should be produced too. A fire truck can be a golf cart with a bucket of water or it can be a very large heavy vehicle. Your competent engineer should also provide exact vehicle weights and permitted traffic volume and speed limits. Bear in mind that the BW maintenance crew’s pick up trucks alone were making 48 sorties/day on the old BW loaded with heavy equipment. They also ran other trucks including 2 flatbeds and 2 DUMP TRUCKS on the boards with great frequency. THE BOARDWALK COST $ 45 MILLION. I have 45 years experience in the construction in every job from apprentice to construction manager. What is your experience?

  6. I’m loving some of the ideas you guys are suggesting. I was accused of being a complainer in my last post, but it’s not so much that I am complaining. I just feel there are better ways to do things that are safer and more cost effective. You guys are proving that with your comments. Thanks!

  7. Kayo, you’re simply sounding ignorant. No matter what kind of tantrum you have, the pickup trucks, stake trucks and Crown Vics will be as much a part of the boardwalk as your cubicle-widened ass. So jump up and down, demand and cry. The Democrats you elected can care less about your pontifications. Now hide in your Smart Car and take videos of ream men working in their real trucks on the boardwalk. Then go to Starbucks and rant to anyone who will listen. But remember to reelect the Democrats. Republicans probably drive bigger trucks and are meanies!

  8. The Boardwalk Engineers are LiRo Engineering. A twit like you should go get them. I’m not getting them for you no matter how much you whine. The stamped plans with loading data are available from the Department of Public Works on the 4th Floor in City Hall. Just fill out the FOIL Form and you can spend all day reading them. Maybe you can tell the City what they say, because the City fired its last licensed engineer when the Democrats took over and LaCarrumba is a former landscaper who didn’t do too well in high school.

  9. I don’t think there’s a person among us who would complain about fire-trucks being on the boardwalk to put out a fire. The complaints come from the stress put on the new $44 million boardwalk by trucks that are there doing and not-doing things that could be performed in another way.

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