No LNG Facility, No Fracking! [Event on the Boardwalk – October 19th]


Join us in sending TWO messages to Governor Cuomo: Reject the proposed Port Ambrose LNG facility and ban fracking in New York! As we recognize the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, it is imperative that New York take steps to reduce the threat of climate change catastrophe and lessen our reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

What: No LNG Facility, No Fracking!
Where: Long Beach Boardwalk
National Boulevard
Long Beach, NY 11562
When: 10/19/2013
1:00 PM-2:30 PM EST

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8 thoughts on “No LNG Facility, No Fracking! [Event on the Boardwalk – October 19th]”

  1. Before you protest Fracking in NYS get the facts. Recent studies confirm pollution at the Fracking well-head is below EPA guidelines. Increasing Natural Gas use through Fracking will reduce need for coal and oil. And, NYS needs the jobs. I’m a strong supporter of environmental causes, but recognize that Fracking is a policy that leads to a cleaner world, less reliant on foreign oil and dirty coal, with more US jobs.

  2. The above statement is the most intelligent and accurate statement I have read on a blog in quite some time. Fracking good! uninformed people who just love to jump on a cause bandwagon, BAD!

  3. I have seen documentaries and footage of what happens to the land after fracking.. it’s not pretty. It basically turns it into a barren wasteland where nothing can grow. I do not want that, not for the name of money or lower fuel costs. There are far better ways to create energy than fracking. – Hydo, wind, solar. All cleaner with no land or fossil fuels involved. We can each have our own opinion on this topic – that is mine.

  4. States like Pennsylvania are praying NYS stops energy development – because its more money for them. New York State is bankrupt – and won’t be able to turn it around no matter how many racetrack casinos they open, or red light cameras they install. The pension obligations to teachers and state workers are so massive, there is no way to pay for it. Businesses and jobs and the tax base are fleeing new york state at rapid rates – most of the state’s tax base is provided by tax collections from the NYC financial services industry, and eventually the printing press at the Fed will be slowed. Combine that with a DeBlasio mayoralty, and the associated decline in the business climate in NYC – and even a simpleton like Cuomo can understand that it the State doesn’t develop an energy industry and collect some royalty money to expand the tax base, they better start looking around for bankruptcy attorneys.

  5. Anthony, thanks for your well-thought-out response. We agree on the preference for hydro/wind/solar but disagree on the facts regarding fracking. But since this topic doesn’t impact Long Beach directly suggest we have a side discussion to share thoughts. I’m sure we can both learn from such an exchange. Speak with you soon. Ed.

  6. Thanks Ed. When you get a chance, please check out the documentary called Gasland. I just posted a link on the main page. It’s basically the reason why I reached my opinion.


  7. Anthony, hi. I’m not surprised that your anti-Fracking beliefs are based on the film Gasland. It’s a powerful film.

    However, most of the key facts have been debunked by pro-environment organizations (Greenwire and New York Times 2/24/2011, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency) and scientific studies (recent testing of Natural Gas well-heads, Popular Mechanics).

    Of course fracturing needs to be regulated closely. Progress in this regard has occurred in the 60 years fracturing has been used.

    We must not summarily reject Fracking based on a film that does not stand up to the test of factual review. Similarly, we can’t afford to accept false promises from oil and coal companies.

    But the reality is that Fracking is safer and cheaper than coal and oil, and much cheaper and available than other green alternatives.

    Our country has lost too many lives to wars in foreign countries due our pursuit of oil. Our skies are polluted by coal-fired plants. And, as Sam said in his comment, NYS needs an economic boost.

    All of us should call on Governor Cuomo to accelerate his review of Fracking. It’s now scheduled for completion in 2015. Representative Amy Paulin is coordinating this study. Let’s demand a fact-based decision by year-end 2014.

    I hope we can all agree that we should make decisions based on facts rather than on movies, slick ads or politics.

  8. you are out of your fracking mind. You take yourself too seriously. Heck, I bet you still believe in Barry and his ObamaCare disaster.
    Don’t get me wrong I believe in fracking, I just don’t believe in you

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