GasLand: A Fracking Documentary [unrelated to our city by the sea, but i just wanted to share it]


Although fracking isn’t something that is going to happen directly in Long Beach, I just wan to pass along this documentary which spells the perils of fracking and it’s impact on the communities where it’s done.

The documentary is called GasLand ( The filemaker interviews various folks who live in a towns where fracking is done where they talk about the quality of water, contamination of wells and the earthquakes that are directly related to it.

How serious is water contamination due to fracking?

Very serious. For one thing, we don’t even know all the chemicals being used during the fracking process. But many of the ones we do know about are well-documented (1,2,3) for causing cancer, birth defects, and disorders of the nervous system. The same is true of many naturally occurring but highly toxic substances that are unearthed throughout the process. These materials are disturbed by drilling or fracking, then seep into the water supply. (source:

The only argument I hear in favor of fracking is the amount of money and jobs it could bring. Is money really worth the contamination of communities? Haven’t we grown up already as a race, or is it our job to destroy the earth until there is nothing pure left? That money does look good.. I could really use a 4K television… (eyes rolls). There are other methods of creating energy in a clean way that will also create money and jobs. Those are the ones that we should be exploring.


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  1. I’d like more balanced information on fracking. Scare tactics just annoy me so I tend to not read and then favor the other side of the argument.

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