Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Ceremony [City of Long Beach, NY]

From Facebook:

Long Beach Community Joins to Reflect, Recognize and Resolve on Superstorm Sandy Anniversary

Officials, Residents and Friends Look to Past, Future at Emotional Ceremony

Saturday, October 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m @ Kennedy Plaza, City Hall. 

The City of Long Beach will be holding what is expected to be an emotional ceremony on Saturday, October 26 to commemorate the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall and ensuing destructive path through their city and the rest of Long Island. The ceremony will take place at Kennedy Plaza in front of Long Beach City Hall, which served as a hub of emergency operations during the response and recovery efforts immediately following the storm.

Federal, state and local elected officials will speak to approximately one thousand emergency responders, residents and friends about the City’s record-pace recovery from Sandy’s destruction, while also focusing on the work yet to be done in order to bring home fellow residents and neighbors who remain displaced. The ceremony will also feature a 15-minute video by local filmmakers that documents the emotional scenes and stories of survival and recovery after Sandy and provides a retrospective of the previous year’s restoration efforts.


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6 thoughts on “Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Ceremony [City of Long Beach, NY]”

  1. Get ready for the Long Beach Boardwalk Operating Authority! If you thought the Economic Development Corp was a scam, you haven’t seen nothing!

    If you missed the Times Legal Notice, the City’s Democrats are seeking $18 million in serial bonds (that’s borrowing from you) to create the Boardwalk Operating Authority. Seems the old boardwalk operated itself, but not the new one!

    They’ll be several new departments – all separate from the City. Even a Boardwalk Police/Control Department. And how about the Citizen Information Officer? A Construction and Improvement Coordinator? How about the Recreation and Event Creations Department?

    Who’ll get these jobs? A Who’s Who of more Democratic hacks, their domestic partners, friends and rejects from Brookhaven.

    Bend over, Long Beach homeowners. You are about to get screwed again by the Democrats!

  2. New Jersey rebuilt their boardwalk, burned it down, and re-rebuilt it before we even finished ours. I think it is a fantastic boardwalk but the cost and time of completion screams cronyism. Enjoy your taxes, someone’s buddy is getting rich(er)

  3. You have to give the politicos running LB credit – I never would have thought to create a “Boardwalk Authority” as a means of providing patronage jobs, on the heels of everyone celebrating how the new boardwalk was “free”. The machinations to cook this scheme up, so the “free” boardwalk actually costs taxpayers in the form of the ongoing operating costs of the “Authority” – is truly clever stuff. I guess they modeled it after the Atlantic Beach Bridge Authority.

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