Our Beautiful & Weathering Boardwalk [IMAGE]

We were told at the beginning of the boardwalk-rebuild how the ipe would weather into a gray. This image I took yesterday near Long Beach Blvd. best shows an example of that, as the older (early summer ipe) meets new.

I like the weathering of ipe. While our old boardwalk looked like a uniformed gray/brown, this one has various shades of the gray – a more old fashion Cape Cod-look.


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6 thoughts on “Our Beautiful & Weathering Boardwalk [IMAGE]”

  1. Yes, that’s what its going to look like unless its treated – and there are no plans to treat it I imagine. I’ve also heard that areas where they had the festivals were pressure washed, which accelerate the color change. Enjoy that earthy tropical look while you can, it won’t last long. What concerns me more are the reports of boards coming up because the screw fastener doesn’t have a big enough head, and temporary repairs are being made with nails. Just wait, a few years from now, there will be a multi-million dollar repair necessary for it. But for now the new boardwalk is achieving its intended goal – re-electing the sitting city council.

  2. I looked at the BW in Atlantic City last year and the screw heads looked a lot wider to me. Hope LB has either a bond or money in escrow if these boards start popping up requiring extensive repairs. TILB. time for a third party.

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