NY Rising Rally in Mineola today at 2pm!

nyrisingLike in the story I posted last week, Kristie & Kevin aren’t the only ones who are unhappy with New York Rising. Today there is a rally in Mineola demanding fair payment. All of this is unfortunate, as the rest of New York has no clue to what’s happening to those who live near the water. People here just want to get back in their homes. See the flier below for full information:


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5 thoughts on “NY Rising Rally in Mineola today at 2pm!”

  1. As someone who does live near the water, I’m not sure what their complaint it. Is it that their insurance company isn’t paying them what they’re entitled to under the policy that was in effect at the time of the storm? Is it that FEMA didn’t pay them what they’re entitled to under the law? Is it that NY hasn’t met some other legal obligation?

    Where are all the tea party folks (did you know that they have their own LB meetup group http://www.meetup.com/Long-Beach-Tea-Party-New-York/ ?) who talk about how we need less government? That people should take care of themselves and let the free market solve all the problems?

  2. So it’s more like:

    Politician: Hey, bad things happened and (since I want to get re-elected), I’m going to help you all out and make things right because you’re the hard-working middle-class tax-payers, the back bone of this great state!
    Homeowners: Awesome! The government is going to help me because my insurance policy won’t cover all of this.

    Homeowners: Hey, you said! Where’s my help/money/home?!

    Do I have that right? Or am I missing something?

  3. Need to raise our houses before the flood insurance premium tsunami hits, which will drive many for their homes. Federal dollars are already available.

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