NEWSDAY: Blighted motel won’t reopen, county says

The Long Beach Motor Inn, Island Park, NY.

Please no more stores. Island Park has too many vacancies already and the last thing they need is another shopping center that will hurt the downtown even more. Well, glad there is some movement. I’m tired of looking at that crappy building with the words LONG BEACH on it.

Here is the link to the NEWSDAY article: Blighted motel won’t reopen, county says

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6 thoughts on “NEWSDAY: Blighted motel won’t reopen, county says”

  1. I don’t recall where I read it, but someone has proposed turning the motel and Ruby Tuesday property into a senior housing complex. I thought that seemed to be a good plan.

  2. I heard if it being a housing complex for seniors. In all honesty, it’s the Very least that can be done for the members of the community who are on fixed incomes and are being taxed out of their homes..resulting from Pat Gallagher & school board

  3. Mangano was yapping on right before the election that it would be redeveloped and prime for something such as a senior housing complex. Seniors vote. What it will actually become is anyones guess.

  4. It’s funny that the county is now taking credit for the Motel not re-opening when it was them who sent the very people they were complaining about to the motel in the first place..

  5. And election season has come and gone….nothing has happened…no surprises there… I expect the motel will reopen. ..’And the seasons they go round and round’…

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