Miracle on Beech Street [Help Raise Funds for West End Holiday Lights!]


Help us raise funds to replace the West End Holiday Lights that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

(Donate at Indiegogo: Miracle on Beech Street!!!)

Almost four years ago, The West End businesses came together and purchased the Holiday Lights for Beech Street.  The lights serve as a symbol of the festive community spirit.

It was recently discovered that the West End Lights were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  The lights were in storage, and everyone thought they would be functional for this years holiday season.  Upon further inspection by the Fire Marshall and the Commissioner of Public Works, it was discovered that the street lights suffered salt water damage and were deemed a fire hazard.

The funding for this project will allow us to purchase Beech Street Holiday Light displays that are representative of Long Beach’s spirit and resiliency.

The West End is an iconic focal point of our city. During the holiday season the lights are a pull for residents and visitors alike. As businesses are already struggling post Sandy, and through the winter season, we as a community NEED to bring the lights to Beech Street.

Long Beach, and specifically the West End, NEED these lights this season.


We have received a quote for approximately 10K to replace the lights … it’s a lot, we know. Especially as so many are still not home and many are rebuilding.  But every donation helps.

We know that this city, the people who live here, and the people who love Long Beach, can make MIRACLES happen.

Visit the Indiegogo Campaign page here: Miracle on Beech Street 

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