Zip Lines in Long Beach? [A Proposal]

What’s this? Zip Lines at the Super & Foundation blocks? Ok, don’t get too excited yet, this is just a proposal, as John Finnegan, the owner of Urban Jungle Zip Lines tells me, “This is still the very early stages.  We’d love to be in long beach, but we still have a long way to go. There are channels to go through and people to meet with to see if it is even possible.”

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So check out John’s proposal below and let us know what you think!


I’m John Finnegan and I am the owner of Urban Jungle Zip Lines. I lived down by Neptune and E. Beech for a few years in the mid-90s and always loved being able to grab my bike and take a nice ride along the boardwalk.

Recently, a friend and Long Beach local mentioned that Long Beach could be a terrific location for one of our zip line attractions, so I took the bike out for a ride and spent the day on the boardwalk again. Long story short, Urban Jungle would love to be a part of your city and think we can contribute in a great way to all the positive strides being made in town.  We hope to be speaking with all the right people over the next several weeks.

Urban Jungle would like to propose setting up a zip line attraction in the superblock area. The photo below shows what could be an ideal location. The line I have in mind would be in the area of 950′ long, run parallel to the boardwalk and would be an exhilarating thrill for the entire family.


The views provided will be spectacular as you soar along the boardwalk as only the seagulls have until now. Of course, we would like to talk to all involved to determine the best positioning of the towers.

Of note;  a zip line attraction is a 100% “green” endeavor.  Gravity is our power source and we have a zero emissions … no fumes, no exhaust, no noisy engines, no smell…..nothing to interfere with everybody’s enjoyment of the beach and boardwalk.
Additionally, our physical footprint is quite small but very dramatic.  The launch and landing towers’ footprints are only about 15′x15′.  What you will find important about these numbers is that the zip line will not interfere with any other events that might be taking place.
All of the zipline thrills takes place high in the air. The food trucks, street fairs, and arts and crafts festivals go on as planned….but well below our riders.  All the foodies, clowns, and face painted children will still have all the room they need to have a great day at the beach.

The towers are actually put together using what’s called “system scaffolding” and are engineered to withstand 110 mph winds.


They are wrapped in fabric for aesthetic and safety reasons.  I imagine and intend to dedicate one of the fabric panels for the City of Long Beach to announce and promote activities and events that are going on around town.

image-2Our zip line attraction would also provide a fantastic seasonal employment opportunity! Employees will be fully trained and ACCT certified. 18 years old to work on the line itself but other positions will be available as well.  Must be fit and not afraid of some fun.

There is an awful lot to discuss with the powers that be…revenue share, safety and insurance, and other issues, but I would love to hear some of the thoughts of your readers…what do you think of the concept? What would you like to see from us?

I would like to leave you with this:image-2a

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36 thoughts on “Zip Lines in Long Beach? [A Proposal]”

  1. “All of the zipline thrills takes place high in the air. The food trucks, street fairs, and arts and crafts festivals go on as planned….but well below our riders. All the foodies, clowns, and face painted children will still have all the room they need to have a great day at the beach.”
    Does that include another Green recreational activity: Trapezing?

  2. It’s peculiar that the trapeze was not mentioned in that statement. I’m trying to read this proposal without any negative undertones. In my opinion you’re obviously very experienced at doing this. Our city certainly is not as experienced (I.E. Quicksilver Surf Tournament.)
    I welcome your inspirational and sophisticated concept to Long Beach.

  3. This would be a Great thing for LB!! It’s just another little something extra in a Barren Beach front! We need the draw which brigs in the Revenue and Jobs etc!! But we definitely need a Bigger plan too! That Zip line rippin over a Memorial Day to Labor day all summer long set of Events from Concerts, Food, entertainment maybe Flow Riders Small kids water park and mini Golf unlimited ideas and All portable to be moved for what ever may come… Then with time work towards some permanent successful fixtures on the Super Block.. While keeping the Foundation block potable and changing with demand and success as those Land Owners will not sell or allow permanent fixtures for now! Great Job reporting “SEA BY THE CITY” im gonna post on my “WHAT LONG BEACH CAN BE ” page next!!

  4. This sounds like a joke.. but, I thought the trapeze thing was a joke, so why not. It sounds fun, although needs more than just one line that goes one block…at least that’s my first thought.

    Looks like those yelp reviews are from ziplining at Hunter Mtn. and Vegas – Are these owned by the same people?

    Have you done this in other cities? I see you attempted Riverhead, but that fell through. I’d be curious to see how this worked elsewhere.

    Anyway, I might pay $15 to zipline that 1 block.. Not terribly exciting and short. Again, maybe seeing it live would change my mind. But, start the adventure on top of the Allegria? I’d pay $30. Include a free drink too.

  5. Another non-alcohol related activity that is postive for every business and resident…its a no brainer…if the city doesn’t approve something as simple and attractive as this, I hope they have some master plan help the local economy and lower our taxes?

  6. The City makes no money on tourism. Beach fees (the ones paid by tourists) don’t even cover the costs of running the beachfront, extra police & sanitation, etc. And resident/taxpayers suffer the burdens of tourism – congestion, parking, litter, drunks in the street, etc. The business owners make money, but there are no direct taxes on tourism revenue that go into City coffers. Put this zip line in – and you’ll have drunks riding it, zip lining over the boardwalk. Yeah, Long Beach really needs that to boost quality of life here.

  7. Hi All,
    To address sam’s concerns, it’s a bit early in the process to discuss on a blog exactly how the city would benefit financially from a zip line attraction. Let’s move through the process a bit further first, but please know that the the topic is high on our list of priorities. With regard to your concern about “drunks riding it, zip lining over the boardwalk”–nobody wants that, least of all me. We will have numerous, redundant safeguards in place to make sure that this is a safe, and sober, experience that everyone can enjoy. Thanks for letting me know about you concerns.


  8. Hi B,
    Urban Jungle is not owned by the same people as Hunter and Fremont but it’s a small world and we know the folks at both locations. We have worked on other projects together. Both Hunter Mountain and Fremont Street are VERY different settings than Long Beach but both have been very successful and great additions to the local community.

    I think you’ll find the attraction very exciting. There is still alot to talk about but we would love to be about 950 feet long, that’s more than 3 football fields!

    We hope we have the chance to work with local businesses and put together some package deals: Swingbelly BBQ and a zip line ride, Surf lesson and a zip line ride, that type of thing. But if you do get a drink ticket with your zip line ride, please enjoy your cocktail after your adventure.

    Thanks B


  9. I’ve been reading the comments and I wanted to relay my own experience with zip lines. All three of my children have been to a camp in Troy, WI that added a zip line. My daughter Madison said ,”she knows what it’s like to fly!” My son Connor and daughter Allie both want to go back next year rather than Six Flags. Dad, it’s so cool and beautiful up there. It’s a great idea that would complement the beach.

  10. What a STUPID idea. Is this ALL about money? Are we going to turn Long Beach into a Circus, to collect a “FEW” bucks? Only a bunch of STUPID morons would think that way.

  11. The BW over the years went from bars, skeet machines, bowling alleys, rides etc to nothing at all, watching people sitting next to their pool sunning themselves. One extreme to the other. Until the food trucks came in you could barely get food.
    It’s a balancing of things. Honky Tonk versus anodyne blandness. People should be able to have fun and maybe a beer without it turning into Wildwood N J .

  12. A zipline here in LB?! Over looking our new beautiful boardwalk & beach?! Yes please!! This is a great idea, really hoping this happens & would be ready by next summer. As someone who has been in four different ziplines & someone who is also afraid of heights I was hooked after the first time. I think this would be a great attraction for our city that would generate lots of revenue. Didn’t get a chance to try the trapeze last summer & that was a great success! People had doubts but it turned out to be a great idea. We need to be open to ideas we may think are crazy or stupid in this time of rebuilding & growth.

  13. Maybe we should consider a different location. There are discussions to convert the bay side “brownfield” industrial area. Placement there enables the zip line, offers a water view, yet doesn’t diminish the boardwalk. It could be one of the first things people see as they come over the bridge and would be a strong magnet for the potential new development.

  14. The bayside is woefully underutilized and should be developed into something for all. There are magnificent views of the sunset and also a small bit of the Manhatten skyline. Hopefully anything that happens there will be tasteful but appetizing for everyone. But always remember . TILB!

  15. great–anything that will encourage the Superblock area to get cleaned up! loved the food trucks and trapeze but the surrounding area looks dirty (for lack of a better word) aesthetically this area needs some work

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