Fundraiser Reminder: Miracle on Beech Street! [LB is Stronger than Sandy-Claus!]

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.56.32 PM

Last year Sandy-Claus came to town and destroyed the Beech Street holiday lights. These lights need to be replaced, because the holiday spirit is just too important to ignore (don’t be a scrooge, just agree with me here).

Conceived and created by Project 11561, the fundraiser Miracle on Beech Street aims to bring these lights BACK to the West End this holiday season. Although the City is extremely kind enough (link) to kick in a matching amount, your help is still needed! The goal is 10,000, so get those E-wallets, bit coins and paypals out and start funding!

LINK: Miracle on Beech Street, Long Beach, NY

What is Project 11561, you ask? A bunch of local girls who get shit done (I’m trying to convince them to take over the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, or at least start a new one). Visit and LIKE Project 11561 here:



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