[An Urgent Push to get this Funded!!] First Night (New Year’s Eve Event)


Ok, folks, this is it. If we can give First Night (New Year’s Eve Event) 250 “likes” by the end of November, then Renaissance Downtown will provide sponsorship money to make this happen! Please share this info with everyone you know!

Here are the details on First Night (New Year’s Eve Event):

A community New Year’s Eve Party where different locations sign on to to be a part of one big party, modeled after First Night in many other cities. One ticket gets you into multiple locations: Stop in Kennedy Plaza, at local bars and restaurants, on the boardwalk and the West End. 

To end the night – and start the New Year – the community will gather together in the Virginia Ave parking lot at midnight for Long Beach’s first ever Ball Drop!  

So whether you  really like this idea or not, PLEASE visit Imagine Long Beach and LIKE it anyway! It would be a great way to kick start this whole entire crowdsourcing thingy. You need to visit IMAGINE LONG BEACH and Like the idea. LIKE as many ideas as you want while you are there too.


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