City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach [Opinion & Imagine Long Beach]

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is the City of Long Beach winter Commercial (Winter 2014).


City of Long Beach Commercial (Winter 2014) from Visit Long Beach New York on Vimeo.

It’s great to promote Long Beach as a year-round destination, but I still think we need more things to do around here in the winter. Not so much events, we have plenty of those; I’m talking more permanent or even seasonal destinations. That is where Imagine Long Beach comes in. So many great ideas have been submitted to the crowdsourcing site. Here are a few winter-destination highlights, which I love:

  • Kennedy Plaza Outdoor Skating Rink (LINK). Yep, I submitted this one, so here I am promoting it. Right now Kennedy Plaza is beautifully lit up with holiday lights, but not much else is going on there. Can you imagine (Imagine LB?) if we had a temporary winter ice skating rink in the middle of the plaza? It would be a great fun activity for all; hot chocolate, snacks, coffee and tea can be served. We can have music, even live bands on weekends. Bring the Boardwalk Lights to Park Avenue, and you will have a real festive downtown! Please go to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE the idea, if you really LIKE it:  In the winter, a temporary public outdoor rink, modeled after the Rinx in Port Jefferson, featuring music, food, hot chocolate,tea & coffee. Long Beach needs more winter activities. This family-friendly outdoor rink would be perfect!rinxharborfront-660x442
  • Music Venue – Bowling Alley (LINK). Think Brooklyn Bowl (website), minus the skinny jeans. For those who haven’t been there, check it out. It’s a real scene in Williamsburg. I’m not saying I want to turn LB into a hipster-haven, but we do need to get a bit more hip around here. Brooklyn Bowl is pretty damn cool … they have a large bar (no million television sets glaring in your face and clouding your ears); just a place to go, hang out, have a drink and talk. They have a stage area that is standing room only, where the performances take place. Then there is the bowling, where some pretty damn good food is being served. I went to a place in Somerville, Boston (Flatbread company) which was similar, but they served AMAZING pizza. Skinny pants aside, go to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE this idea if you LIKE it.090710_bb_4707-750x498
  • Dine-In Movie Theater (LINK). Our only movie theater has been empty since Superstorm-Sandy, October 2012. I have no idea what’s going on with that theater. I called the property owners last June (read – Long Beach Cinema Update), and it didn’t seem like they knew either… In any case, I would love for that property to remain a theater. I’ve never been to a Dine-In Movie Theater, which was an idea submitted to Imagine LB, but I do love eating and movies; it sounds perfect for me! Go to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE this idea if you LIKE it. Let’s make sure that property isn’t redeveloped into just another shopping center……cinema
  • East Coast Surf Museum (LINK). I love the idea of promoting Long Beach as a surfing destination. It makes perfect sense, since we already have the waves and history; why no flaunt it? Rather than me describing why this idea is so great, here is the description that was submitted: “Long Island, and more importantly Long Beach specifically, is full of surfing history.  In Long Beach alone there are garages and basements full of historic boards, pictures, videos, awards, etc.  If we established a museum we could also put out requests for items from all over the East Coast.  There might also be grant money based on the history factor.  A place like this could double as a catering hall which would generate revenue.  Think about how cool it would be to have a wedding, holiday party, awards dinner, etc. in the surf museum, which could then be catered by a local business.”  Please go to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE this idea if you LIKE it. cali-surf-museum
  • Book Shop, Cafe, and Performance Space (LINK). I know what you’re thinking: Book shops are dying breed. But, if done right, it could work, as what another crowdsourcing town- Bristol, Connecticut proved (here is their success story on a website that is very similar to Imagine Long Beach: Going back to Long Beach, I agree with this: having an entertainment space would allow local artists, musicians, poets, and speakers to enrich Long Beach with their talent. Holy cow, we need a performing arts space soo badly here in Long Beach. The library does a great job with many events, but a separate place could attract other types of acts as well as offer more opportunities for our community. I also think there could be money made in selling books by the beach. Please go to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE this idea if you LIKE it. bookstore12

These are just a few destination-type stuff which I would love in Long Beach, especially for the colder months. There are plenty more, so please go to Imagine Long Beach and check them out. Please get involved, because this crowdsourcing-stuff works. Again, check out the Bristol Connecticut website, which is filled with many success stories and is similar to what we want to do here in Long Beach:

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4 thoughts on “City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach [Opinion & Imagine Long Beach]”

  1. I’m usually of a negative bent but like all of these. LB is very fragmented . West End, No. Park, Canals, the highrises, Westholme, etc. Also many are here for a short time. Renting etc so really have little community connections and involvement.
    These types of ideas would tend to get everyone involved.

  2. I would love to live in a community with these things… I just don’t see it happening in Long Beach. First, most of these are commercial entities so you have to find someone willing to risk opening something like this. Long Beach just isn’t the city where this stuff thrives.

    The ice rink would be awesome and this could be done by the city. Kennedy Plaza makes sense, but it would be really great if they put it down by the bay. Not sure where exactly.

  3. As far as outdoor rink at Bay just turn the roller hockey rink into an ice rink for winter. A little out of my technological expertise but maybe the machinery from the indoor rink could be used to freeze an outdoor rink as well. LOVE the dine in movie idea. used to go to one down south and it was great. They are popping up all over and might make the theatre a more viable business with the added revune stream and people will come form surrounding area for that type of experience versus just sitting down to watch a movie.

  4. we are working on changing things here. don’t forget, the city did allow trapeze company to operate. I like the Kennedy Plaza location because it’s the center of town, it is festive with lights and it compliments the downtown aspect. You want people to walk around, go ice skating and also walk to get a bit to eat. ..

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