First Night Out! A night of family fun and alcohol-free celebration! [New Years Eve!]


Join The Fun!

A Community New Year’s Eve Event

The Historic West End Business Owners and West End Neighbors Civic Associations have teamed up to bring you First Night Out – A Community New Year’s Eve event. First Night Out is an evening of alcohol-free family fun, celebration and entertainment. Click HERE to learn more!

VOTE For Your Favorite Ice Sculptures!

Help decide what sculptures to create at our live ice carving during First Night Out on New Year’s Eve! The first event is at 4pm to 6pm, the second at 6pm to 8pm. We’ll take the top four ideas that you upvote here, and then have a live audience cheer at the time of the ice carving to choose what gets made! You can submit your own ideas for what will be a 40″x40″x10″ block, but we will have to pre-approve it to ensure it’s actually feasible for the sculptors!

Visit: Imagine Long Beach

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