[Dear Santa, I want an] Outdoor Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza with hot chocolate, coffee, music and more!


A supplement to my post from yesterday (read: City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach).

I really think we need more activities in Long Beach during the winter. It’s great how our city is advertising Long Beach as a year round destination, but us residents know that the activities in the winter here are very minimal. We do have some really nice stores, restaurants and the new boardwalk is beautiful (especially with the lights), but it’s FREEEEEZING by the water. This is where Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza comes in.Yes, I realize we have an ice arena, but this is different. This is temporary, only during the colder months. A place for folks to meet; an easy location for most to walk to; for people watching; for drinking hot chocolate or coffee, for listening to music and soaking in the season. It’s the center of town and will compliment the downtown experience! Isn’t outdoor ice skating really quaint? Plus. you charge for skate rental, ice skating, food and drinks- the damn thing pays itself off! I am sure there is some insurance waiver form you get people to agree to when they purchase a ticket, but other than that, I think it’s a home run.

Anyway, so after my post on more winter destinations in Long Beach, I received the following email from Joseph of Smart Sport Surfacing, a Montauk-based company which specializes in building the type of rink that would be perfect for Kennedy Plaza. Joseph explains their product in his email, so check it out and let us know what you folks think. Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza? Can we make this happen?? City Council, Hello????Discuss!!

Oh, and as always, please head to Imagine Long Beach and LIKE this idea.



funice5I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Murphy and I am the President of Smart Sport Surfacing, a unique and innovative company specializing in sports field and tennis court construction located in Montauk, NY.  I am also the U.S distributor for FunICE Synthetic Ice Rinks. FunICE comprises a proven system of environmentally friendly plastic panels that provide gliding properties most similar to natural ice.  These panels represent a viable alternative to real ice rinks, making ice-skating and related recreational activities possible almost anywhere, anytime, and at an incredibly reasonable price. There are no energy costs, no carbon footprint, a 20 to 30 year product lifetime, and the entire system is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle. 

FunICE has a patented connection system that does not require any oil based lubrication or unwanted additives. The gliding characteristics are manufactured into the panel and can be used with normal ice skates.

Europe has embraced the environmentally friendly and economical characteristics of the FunICE rinks and we have installed 330,000 square feet of FunICE throughout Europe.  The prestigious Montana Institute in Zug, Switzerland chose FunICE over real ice because of the aforementioned attributes.  Their pristine campus nestled on the side of a mountain facing the Swiss Alps demanded a durable, environmentally friendly, and highly realistic ice surface without the constant noise of chillers and generators. FunICE met and exceeded these expectations, highlighting the potential of this system not merely as an ice substitute, but as a highly manageable and durable product for recreational enthusiasts the world over.

Please visit our web site at www.smartsportsurfacing.com for more information. I have a 20 x 40 demo rink, which can be set up on any flat surface if you would like to test the FunIce system. I am a local business and will be readily available to meet with you and your board at your convenience.  Thank you. 

Best Regards


Joseph Murphy-President
Smart Sport Surfacing
P.O. Box 1026
Amagansett, New York  11930


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15 thoughts on “[Dear Santa, I want an] Outdoor Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza with hot chocolate, coffee, music and more!”

  1. Anthony, congratulations and thanks for initiating an idea that is family-oriented, fun, potentially profitable and could add to the new Long Beach vibe.

    I also think that a key element of this idea is that it can have a known price-tag and can be researched at other sites to ensure it is a viable idea.

    Through the excellent work of the ImagineLB team and your blog we’re establishing a community discussion on the future of Long Beach. We need each “big idea” to be tested by community response as well as real costs. I’d love to see more of the Imagine recommendations get real cost data, backed by true results, and provide the community with the ability to entice investors and our government to pursue viable alternatives.

  2. Sure, let’s float another multi-million dollar bond offering and toss it onto the taxpayers for this. Because “tourism helps the City” economically – yeah, sure it does. Maybe a special “ice skating plus a bar crawl” event can be held in LB if we had this.

  3. no offense, but attitudes like this is why so many people hate long island.

    You’re right. No activities or events, not even for residents. Lets just build a shopping center in Kennedy plaza and call it a day. We can complain about the sprawling traffic and parking after it’s built.

    Also, I didn’t realize a small temporary rink and hot cocoa costs multi-million dollars. Definitely a bad idea to bring fun here then…

  4. Another STUPID idea and a way to waste money as well as turn Long Beach into a Circus, like that Zip Line idea.

    Get real people, this is our home, we don’t need a circus or a Zoo in our back yard!

  5. Hey, if you plan on using multiple user names, try commenting from computers with different IP addresses. I don’t like when people put me down and pretend they are multiple people. Also, if you don’t like the blog, please don’t visit it anymore. It’s as simple as that. Thank you.

  6. I thought that a few handles here could be used by the same person. Maybe it would be possible to display the last two octets of the IP address next to the name. E.g., this post would say “Brian Puccio [x.x.162.96].

    I like the redesign, by the way, looks sharp. (I didn’t see a separate post for this.)

  7. Not sure I want to reveal IP addresses, or if I’m even allowed lol. It’s not so much that I care that somebody criticizes my ideas. It’s that they aren’t constructive at all. Regarding the ice rink: somebody I know gave me good constructive criticism by saying how the city already has an Ice Arena, and Perhaps they should do a better job promoting it and by making it cooler? I totally agree and I like that point of view. But to simple call my idea a circus or call me a little boy, you’re being a troll. And to post with multiple names, as if this point of view is universal, I just think that’s sad. I would respect the person more if they said “i dont want an ice arena because of these reason..”. Tell me your reasons, don’t comment like you are a two year old.

    Anyhoo, thanks on the redesign. I am still tweaking it. I’m going between 3 themes; not sure which one I like better. I have to do a logo redesign as well. Reason why I’m changing it is to make the mobile/tablet experience a little better. Almost 50% of the readers view the blog on a mobile/tablet type device. So if you go to the blog now with this current theme, you will see a simpler view that just shows a list of the articles and how many comments each one has – it’s almost like a twitter feed-style. But yeah, with social networking and mobile use, I have to change this blog to adapt. the blog format is actually kinda dead… haha. When I started this blog in 2008, there were hardly any Long Beach facebook groups. Now a new one is created every day. Most of them have no original content, but they do get more LIKEs then me, which is funny.

    This new theme, while I am not 100% happy with it yet, it offers some stuff that will be pretty cool for future posts. The blog might look crazy for the next few weeks, but I’m hoping to settle on something soon. Stay tuned!

  8. Ice substitutes don’t really work and the novelty wears off. Genuine ice is the way to go but the operation is very expensive since you need upkeep including zambonis etc. Also to make it profitable you need a full size rink so you can rent it out for hockey during the off hours. Great idea but probably too expensive at this point.

  9. I have to find out what Port Jefferson does. You’re right that it’s expensive, but I wonder if you find an operator who collects most of the fees, it might be worth it if it’s a wash. Call me crazy, but when I walk around the center of town at night, like I did last night, something is just missing… our downtown just seems so dead. It needs some life.

  10. I proposed some years back that the shops in the middle of the city and West End stay open a few nights a week, say until 8 or 9 ,to liven things up but nothing ever came of it.
    With all the restaurants in these areas it seems like a no brainer to me but I’ve been accused of having no brains.
    The rink would be great but to make it work you really need a full size one and then it gets very complicated and expensive.
    For example even in the dead of winter you need a cover of some kind since the ice will melt in the sunlight and have problems with rain and snow.
    And if it’s frigid out very few will participate so you really need something to shield from the wind.
    Take a look at the bubble in Freeport.
    Don’t be discouraged by the negative types who oppose any kind of innovative thinking.

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