Babalu, Lucy! A New Cuban place is taking over the old Cuban place!

I love Cuban food, so it was much to my delight when I passed by the old CUBAN CROCODILE (26 East Park Ave, Long Beach, NY)  and saw a sign for a new Cuban restaurant. I have no idea when CORAZON deCUBA is opening, but a quick peak inside, the place appears  to be pretty much ready. Nice decor too. I love their wooden barstools. So I’m excited to see something else besides a sports bar, burgers or pizza (no offense, we just need more variety here). I will definitely be visiting CORAZON deCUBA as soon as they open.


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12 thoughts on “Babalu, Lucy! A New Cuban place is taking over the old Cuban place!”

  1. Definitely not the same owner! Cuban crocodile was amazing and the owner was the best! This place has a lot to live up too! Marivi, as soon as you reopen we’ll be there! -C&P D

  2. Just got back from dinner at Corazon DeCuba-Loved it!!! Super food-had the ropa vieja quesidilas- moist- spiced just right-fresh- and beautifully prepared. Shrimps in garlic sauce with yellow rice and black beans (could have had white rice or red beans) had a nicely sized portion of nicely sized shrimps with perfectly spiced peppers. Husband had skirt steak cooked just right-flavorful with a good sear on the outside. Sweet plantains were cooked when we ordered them- delicious and fresh-not the kind that have been sitting around all day. Red Sangrias were a refreshing compliment to the meal. Sadly no room for dessert this time- they said they are all made on premises as are the empanadas which will also wait for next time, as will my trying their coconut mojito. The Cuban music was appreciated and lively and they plan live music on the weekends. We met the owners who were super friendly and gracious as was our waiter, Joel and the front of the house woman-(name unknown) who showed us to our table. the bar was full and lively- very happy to have this place here. welcome to Long Beach!

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