Grubhub, Billy’s Way, Army Corp, Dealing with dog poop the way the Spaniards do, DecoBike, & too many C.A.V.E. people in LB [Reader Mailbag]

I recently asked you folks to send in maiIbag-type stuff (questions, photos, statements, etc.) to be posted in a Reader Mailbag article. Well, here  it is!

I tried my best to answer or find answers to all the questions that were thrown at me.  I just want to thank everybody who contacted me . Also, a big thanks those who helped me find some answers. Enjoy!


Larry writes: “Seamless v. GrubHub in Long Beach. Are either worth the use in our city?”

Both are online food delivery systems. Are they even in Long Beach? I had no idea…  either case, I am not sure if this type of service is needed, primarily because of two reasons: 1) Most local places deliver already, and 2) These services work great for large office environments where diverse orders are taken daily. Long Beach doesn’t have many offices that would necessitate this.

So are either worth use in our city? Sure, if they can survive and convince people their service is needed and convenient. Why not? The ability of ordering a Sorrento’s pie,  Swingbelly baby back ribs, an SD card from Radioshack and some Dough Hut donuts all in one order sounds like convenient paradise.


Joel sent in several questions, so I am going to break them up into a few groups:

  • Joel: What is the status of the Billy Crystal gazebo (or whatever it is to be called) on the Boardwalk?
  • Joel: What is the status of the work of Grace Industries? Are they still at work?

Scott, from City Council, was kind enough to answer these:

In general, both question seem to address the same thing: the second phase of the boardwalk (which is a very timely question!)

Grace’s work on the initial project of actually building the boardwalk is done, I believe (aside from what would be “punch list” items.) What we are now entering is the second stage which will be replacing the lost bathrooms, building “Billy’s Way” (the gazebo), etc…… The second phase is going to start in a couple of months.”


More questions by Joel:

  • Joel: What is the status of the discussed replenishment of the beach?? Plans? Timetable?
  • Joel: Will the ground level entrances to the beach remain?? Or will we return to Boardwalk only entrances?

I believe both of these will be dealt with when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers steps in. There is no real time table on that, but a recent LB Patch article says they will break ground by the end of this year, or hopefully by 2015.

That’s when a whole slew of new questions will pop up: Will the beach be wider? Will the jetties be rebuild? How big will the dunes be? What will be the effect on surfing? What about the bay area? Oh, still so much unknown in our recovering-City by the Sea.

  • Joel: Are there homeless in Long Beach? If so, where do they spend the nights? Do we have shelters? 

This is what I was able to dig up: We don’t have a homeless shelter in LB. Our Public library and Senior center are heating/cooling centers, but are not opened 24 hours. The homeless used to go to the hospital prior to Sandy, now the police might take them to a Nassau County Shelter.


Here is a poop-tastic statement from No-Name-girl:

A town in Spain took a new approach this year to dealing with dog owners who don’t scoop their poop. The campaign involved sending volunteers out to find the canine-poop culprits. After spotting an offending owner, the volunteers would engage in conversation with the person to learn more about his or her dog. They would then collect the poop, place it in a box and send it back to its owner marked as “lost property.”

I like this idea. I really do feel bad for the folks who are responsible and take care of their dog business, because I find myself staring dog walkers down, making sure they have that bag in their hand.


Marc writes: Any chance we’ll see DecoBike or a similar bike-sharing program back in Long Beach next summer? I’m lovin’ what’s going on in NYC. 

I ask Fran of City Council and she told me that DecoBike will soon be coming up from Florida to discuss their future with the city.  Stay tuned. DecoBike still maintains their LB website (, if that means anything.



On the topic of all the naysayers, Debbie Downers and Negative-Nancys that seem plague Long Beach when it comes to transforming it into a better place, my out-of-town friend said, “Sounds like Long Beach has a lot of C.A.V.E. people: Citizens Against Virtually Everything.”

I like that. It deserves a MEME:


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  1. I too stare down the dog owners in L.B., & the vast majority are responsible & pick-up the poop. My beef is with those owners who use our beach as a toilet for their pets. I have seen this many times and actually confronted someone who said, “What’s the big deal, it’s the beach!” We need an active campaign in L.B. to encourage owners to clean up after their dogs. Maybe something catchy like “P.U.P,” Pick Up the Poop! Large fines, $200, and a P.P., Poop Patrol. Fines would swell the City coffers, instead of taxes. Whatever is decided, poop is a problem in L.B.

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